Monthly Archive: April 2011


‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’

That fool has done it again. You made plans for the two of you to hang out the other night. You cleared your schedule and told your girlfriends that you were off-limits, that you were spending time with him. You bought something nice and you waited. And waited. And he never showed up, said he “forgot,” but you know where he was. He didn’t forget. He was out with his boys. Are you tired of him and every man like him? Then maybe it’s time to read “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” by Tionna Tee Smalls.


I’m giving my sister one last chance!

(NNPA)–Dear Gwendolyn: I know that going to church is different now-a-days. When I was growing up, my mother would dress us in new clothing down to our shoes for Easter Sunday. This is the problem: My mother and I purchased clothing for my sister’s children. We wanted them to look cute for church Easter Sunday. I spent $135 dollars and my mother spent $200. We really couldn’t afford to do so, but we wanted our little darlings to look good and not feel ashamed. When we went to their house to carry them to church, my sister had not dressed them. Why? She had sold their new clothes to buy drugs. Therefore, we did not take them to church. I told my mother we will give her one more chance to do right—just one more.—Betty



Paying for college

The price for higher education is enough to make a grown man cry. On the date of this writing, the average cost for private college is approximately $22,000 to $28,000. The average cost for public universities is approximately $9,000 to $12,000. As if those prices are not high enough, college tuition continues to increase at a rate of 7 percent annually. That being said, in the next 5-years college tuition for private and public universities will cost on average $39,000 and $17,000 respectively. As for those of us with younger children, the prices go up from there. “If you think the price for higher education is expensive, try ignorance,” says Earl Graves. Ignorance may be bliss but it’s costly.


Plan for your 2011 taxes now

“Help yourself and your tax accountant by keeping all of your tax related receipts and documents in one place. Also, think ahead about how you can reduce your tax burden during the year through use of retirement plans, tax deductible contributions, etc.,” states Kevin Penn, CPA and tax advisor in Cleveland, Ohio. Even though Congress and the Administration are in a rancorous debate over deficit reduction, major changes to the tax code will most likely take place for the 2012 tax year. Ask your tax professional to help you lay out a tax plan for 2011. When it comes to taxes, procrastination is your biggest enemy. Step #1—Major Family Changes in 2011


No break this spring at gas pump

by Michelle R. Smith With gas prices above $4 in some states, Americans are canceling spring break plans and rethinking summer vacation, and some tourist destinations are offering gas vouchers of as much as $50 to talk people out of giving up and staying home. At Mount Rushmore, only about 37,000 people decided in March that seeing the four granite-etched presidential sculptures was worth the trip, down from about 43,000 a year before.



:10 Wait! I thought “you guys” said Cam Newton was not ready. You said he was going late first round. Yea, right. I told ya No. 1 pick, two months ago. :09 Speaking of playing quarterback on the pro level, you know it’s not rocket science…after all “Bubby Brister” did it. :08 Ohio State, Jim Tressel and all the players involved. Let it go NCAA… The players sold their own stuff, not stolen items, but their own stuff! BILL NEAL


Bottoms, Allderdice dominate Girls All-City Team

Allderdice was suppose to dominate City League girls’ basketball but nobody told perennial power Westinghouse. The two were heads and shoulders over the rest of the league with Allderdice going undefeated 16-0 in League play while Westinghouse was 14-2. Rounding out the winning teams were Brashear 12-4 and Perry 10-6. As expected they led the way in All-City Team selections with both teams starting five being named to the All-City Team. . The five Allderdice starters were: Janay Bottoms and Lanise Saunders on the First Team, DaiJai Beasley on the Second Team, Sydnee Abernathy, third team and Taylor Lawson honorable mention. JANAY BOTTOMS



The new dating game

A friend asked me to write this column. She wanted people to know how to successfully date and meet someone online. There are so many sites out there and you need to have some guidelines. I know each site gives their own rules but here are the Norrell rules for online courting. This first rule is for men and women. Please read what this person is looking for in a potential partner. If the person seeking a partner is 5’8 and they want to date someone at least 5’10, and if you are 5’4” do not respond.


Top Hat Salute to Women of Distinction

On April 9, at the Double Tree Hotel Pittsburgh, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter, Pittsburgh presented “Top Hat Salute to Women of Distinction.” Twenty-five women in various fields were presented with a beautiful trophy and an exquisite top hat that was uniquely decorated in pink and green flowers. More than 300 attended the luncheon and enjoyed a reading by the students of Pearl Academy and a solo by one of the honorees, Rev. DeNeice Welch. LIFESTYLE EDITOR HONORED—Toni S Kendrick (president), Debbie Norrell, Natisha D. Frye (Photos by Rossano Stewart)