Daily Archive: April 21, 2011



Burgess: Crime remains top priority

As District 9 Councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess prepares himself for the upcoming May primary election, he must look back over his first term in office and prove it was successful. While his opponents have challenged many of the decisions he’s made, he says there’s not much he would change. REV. RICKY BURGESS Burgess’ top priority has been to reduce crime in his district, a task that is integrally linked with community development and police-community relations. In 2008, the first year of his term, Burgess began working on the Pittsburgh Initiative to Reduce Crime to begin curbing violence, not only in his district, but the city as a whole. “There’s three categories of things that most of my energies are placed in. The first is to make our streets safer,” Burgess said. “In the next month or so, there’s an evaluation that will come out from the University of Pittsburgh. I do think we’ll see great results.”