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Sade new CD, joins Legend tour

New York—As a follow up to the platinum-selling “Soldier Of Love,” which spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard album chart and garnered a well-deserved Grammy, Sade is back with “The Ultimate Collection” to be released on May 3. In addition to classic Sade songs, the must-have, two-disc album will include three new, never-before heard songs including “Moon & The Sky” (featuring Jay-Z). Here for the first time, fans can find all of their favorite Sade classics from their most iconic albums including songs from the Best Of collection and the greatest hits off of Lover’s Rock and Soldier Of Love. The track listing for The Ultimate Collection will be revealed shortly. Sade also announced today, the second leg of their ultimate summer tour kicking off on June 16th, marking their highly anticipated return to the world stage in 10 years. SADE


My mother wants me to turn down my scholarships!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I read your column and noticed that most of your letters come from adults. I am 17 and scheduled to graduate in May. I am the second highest in my graduating class. I have received at least six scholarships. Four of the colleges are Ivy League and two are small colleges in small towns. I am so disgusted. Going away is fine with my father, but mom—I just don’t know about her. I can’t understand why she wants to keep me from getting a good education away from home. Our town is small and there is no university or college here—not even a junior/community college.



Redefining conventional financial wisdom

When I first began writing a financial column, I would end almost every column with conventional financial wisdom that’s been past down from generation to generation—pay yourself first, live below your means and use credit wisely. This would be good advice if these concepts were taught and embraced during our high school years, for shortly after we graduate from high school many of us are shackled down with credit card debt, student loans, car loans, furniture loans and I O Us from close friends and family before we even know what hit us. Adding insult to injury, these liabilities are incurred before we have a stable job or stable source of income to repay them. We start off our adult life deep in the hole and we wonder why the little man can’t get ahead.



:10 Yes America, the shout-out was for Tracy “J” not for Tracy “T”…That being Tracy Jennings, the No. 1 Connie Hawkins league Fan of all time. And yes…Those jeans sitting in the front caused many a missed shot (sometimes you just have to blame the editor). :09 While you’re watching the NCAA tournament, don’t forget the greatest shot ever heard around the world came from your own 5th Avenue legend, Dwight “The Ice Man” Clay. His shot with actually 58 seconds left on the clock not at the buzzer as people think, ended UCLA’s 88 game win streak and college basketball dominance. BILL NEAL


Doctor concerned for teen concussions

by Annie GetsingerFor New Pittsburgh Courier DECATUR, Ill. (AP)—Wendell Becton believes there’s no such thing as a mild concussion. Becton, a sports medicine physician, said all concussions have the potential to be severe and result in long-term consequences. Sports-related head injuries have gotten a lot of attention lately with Pittsburgh Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby’s ongoing absence from the ice after a January concussion. There was also the suicide of Dave Duerson, a safety on the 1985 Chicago Bears, and speculation his death may have been spurred by brain damage he suffered while playing football. CONCUSSION EXPERT—Dr. Wendell Becton speaks about the dangers of concussions in one of his examination rooms in Decatur, Ill on March 21. Becton is a sports therapist for Decatur Memorial Hospital. (AP Photo/Herald & Review, Mark Roberts)


Clairton celebrates back-to-back State championships with day of celebration

Erik Walker said it felt good to be back celebrating the Clairton Bears’ win of the PIAA/WPIAL Championship. “It felt good because we worked hard to get 16-0 this season. After the seniors left last year, people thought we wouldn’t be able to pull this off but we’re here,” said Walker, a defensive end and offensive lineman for the team. “Hopefully we’ll be here next year and do the same thing.” Clairton Bears football players, cheerleaders, proud parents and supporters of the team turned out for a second year in a row to celebrate the team’s subsequent wins of the 2009 and 2010 PIAA and WPIAL championships during a banquet held at the Ascension Hall in Clairton. 2010 STATE CHAMPION CLAIRTON BEARS (Courier Photos/J.L. Martello)



Fame costs

I had some hope for Chris Brown until last week when I saw him on “Good Morning America.” Reportedly Brown had agreed to talk about the beat down that occurred two years ago with then girlfriend Rihanna. However, when Robin Roberts began to ask questions, the newly blond, full sleeve tattooed Brown only wanted to talk about the new album F.A.M.E (forgiving all my enemies). He performed a song from the album and went back stage and went off, throwing things around and putting a chair through an outside window. The studios of GMA are in the middle of New York City, there are people outside and below that window, innocent people could have been hurt. In an effort to justify his actions, Brown began to tweet about Charlie Sheen and the public’s tolerance for Sheen.


A ­legendary evening

“Come on and go with me, there’s something new for you to see, just relax, just relax.”—Lyrics by J. Stephens performed by John Legend. On March 18 at the newly refurbished Kaufmann Center there was definitely something new to see. About 400 very special guests enjoyed a very special concert in a beautiful intimate space. A LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE (Photo by J.L. Martello) This is no longer your grandmother’s Kaufmann Center. Albert Heiles Jr., (chairman, board of directors Hill House Association) says the new Kaufmann Center; complete with refurbished balcony seats, beautiful hardwood floors and sidelong windows; represents a new chapter for the Hill District, a chapter of hope and promise, hard work and new gains.


Nate Smith in critical condition… Film of his accomplishments discussed

Even though Nate Smith is in critical condition, a film on his accomplishments were shown at Imani Christian Academy. He is currently in a hospice. Tim Stevens summed it up by noting that he wouldn’t be where he is without people like Smith. NATE SMITH “As we speak, he is in hospice care and apparently not doing well, but maybe he’ll fool us. He has before,” he said. “But remember, when he did what he did, Nate wasn’t the head of anything. He wasn’t educated, but he moved this city and this country. He is you. And you are Nate Smith.” Many of Smith’s contemporaries are gone, and he himself is in very poor health, but thanks to film maker Erica Peiffer, long-time promoter Ed Meeks, and some remaining lights from the Civil Rights movement like Alma Speed Fox, his contributions to labor rights for African-Americans in Pittsburgh and across the country live on.