Daily Archive: March 4, 2011


O’Jays reflect on 50 years, Ohio impact

AUGUSTA, Ga.—When soul singer Howard Hewett learned he was booked to open some shows for the O’Jays this winter, he made sure he downloaded a special photo to his cell phone to show O’Jays frontman Walter Williams. THE O’JAYS—Walter Williams, Eric Nolan Grant, Eddie Levert. “Walt’s brother Byron Wil­liams and I were in a group called LYFE in the early ’70s,” said Hewett, while pointing to a vintage photo of Dhashiki-wearing cool cats with bushy Afros. Hewett is from Akron, Ohio and the Williamses are from nearby Canton where Walter Wil­liams, Eddie Levert, Bobby Massey, William Powell and Bill Isles formed the Mascots, later to be re-named the O’Jays, in the late 1950s. Hewett, Walter Williams and Massey recently discussed their common Ohio bond and how their mid-western upbringing helped spawn several prominent musical acts.


Cover To Cover…‘12 Angry Men’

Ever since you were a toddler, you knew your colors. Your mother would ask you to get your blue car and blue was what she got. You’d never bring her something red if she asked for yellow. Green army men? Oh, yeah. You could find them because you learned your colors, just as naturally as you learned to talk. But are you “color blind”? According to the authors of the new book, America is definitely not; in fact, racial profiling has been going on for centuries and is more widespread than ever.


I would like to get married

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have been with my fiancé for 12 years and he recently asked me to marry him. We have been through a lot of problems dealing with his drinking. I have gone with him to AA meetings sometimes four and five times a week. When he drinks he repeats himself over and over. This drives me crazy. We pay our bills together and have no problems with that. He is not abusive but I don’t think I can be happy if he continues to drink.—Alice



Protecting your most important asset

What is your number one asset? (A) Home, (B) Car, (C) Another valuable possession (D) None of the above. The answer may surprise. Drum roll…If you guessed (D) None of the above, you guessed right. Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. In order to provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation and other necessities and luxuries for you and your family, you need an income to pay for it. By the way, your income is your most powerful wealth building tool—but that’s another topic.


What you need to know about estate taxes

Last year, you may be aware, was an unusual year because of an unexpected reprieve from taxes on the estates of those who died in 2010. That is no longer the case. If you’re involved in estate planning for a loved one or yourself, it’s important to know that estate tax rates have come back in force this year and beyond. The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants offers a rundown on some of the complexities of estate tax issues. Are you aware of all the assets that are part of your estate? Many individuals do not understand what kinds of assets make up their estates. Many people have the misconception that their estate consists solely of cash in their bank account. They may be in for an unpleasant surprise, however, if they don’t consider the current value of all the assets. A parent who did not have a lot of cash on hand still may have owned a home that has increased substantially in value over the years, especially if it’s located in an area with high or rising property values. Add in the value of a retirement account or other assets, and the total may quickly jump. That may also be the case with a small business that family members built from scratch into a thriving enterprise, especially if the company owns valuable property or equipment.



:10 Ya”ll keep going for the soft talk from “STAT”…aka Amar’e Stoudemire and “Mello”…aka Carmelo Anthony and you’ll soon find out where the rear steal in the Knick’s-Nuggets trade was and why they call him “Mr. Big Shot”….aka Chauncey Billups. :09 Alright. Last time I bring this up, I promise…maybe! But do you mean to tell me that Oklahoma City can have an NBA team and Pittsburgh can’t? They got nine [9] Black people in Ok. City and they bus in four [4] just for the game. And yes they sell out!!! I am just sayin. BILL NEAL