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They won’t stop

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—One of the most interesting phenomena to watch as a political observer in this country is the vacillating narratives that occur when any tragic and unforeseen event happens. After the initial shocking event, you have the main facts that come out, then the right or the left attempts to define the event in terms that are most beneficial to their causes. This happens with movies, (everyone was trying to explain 300 and Avatar as statements about the War in Iraq), sporting events (New Orleans Saints win Superbowl and thus the Gulf is now fine) and yes tragedies like the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford in Arizona last weekend. As more facts come out, sometimes the politics are put aside and the event is viewed as an isolated occurrence. This should not be one of those times, Jared Loughner is a murderer spurred on by right wing rhetoric over the last three years. Any suggestions otherwise are simply paving the way for the next tragedy.



An urgent move for justice

(TEWire)—During the past two weeks, in response to successful grassroots campaigns, two governors have released Black Americans who had been railroaded by our nation’s criminal justice system. Together, these cases speak to the urgent need for the work the NAACP and our allies are doing to encourage more governors to use their clemency authority as our nation’s founding fathers intended by freeing more deserving people more frequently.


Gospel innovator Hammond packs house

Savoy Restaurant presented Fred Hammond in Concert at the Monroeville Convention Center, in Monroeville on Jan.2. Hammond is an award-winning Gospel sensation who has been one of the major innovators of progressive gospel music, starting with his creation of one of the greatest groups of all time, Commission. FRED HAMMOND After leaving the group for a solo career, he continued to write for the group and other artists as he grew into a giant in the gospel field both as an artist as well as composer and producers. It gave Pittsburgh an opportunity to start the New Year off with an afternoon of Praise, Worship and Prayer.


Smith making history in ‘Mary Poppins’

Q. Smith is excited to be making her debut as Mrs. Corry in the Broadway musical, “Mary Poppins.” The show will be performed on the Benedum Center stage from Jan.5-23. “Mary Poppins” tells the adventures of a magical nanny who comes to work for a cold banker’s family and teaches the children and their parents the meaning of putting people before material things in one’s life. Main characters in the production were Mr. George Banks, his wife, Winifred and their children, Michael and Jane. THE CAST—The “Mary Poppins” cast with Q. Smith center, orange dress. “Everyone can understand the importance of family and love really does conquer all. When you lack love, you lack everything,” Smith said. “It sounds corny, but people can relate to it. This show is multi-generational and it’s for all colors because the importance of family has no color.”


‘Love Your Life’

Around your house, time is precious. While it’s true that you’ve got home appliances your great-grandma only dreamed about—an automatic washer and dryer, a microwave, a water heater, an automatic coffee maker, and a cookstove that doesn’t require wood to work—you still can’t manage to sit down for 10 minutes without thinking of 10 things that need doing. Fun? Who has time for anything fun? You do, when you grab “Love Your Life,” the latest compilation from “O,” the Oprah Magazine. This book pares down dozens of magazines into one hard-cover volume of important, useful, relevant articles that you can genuinely use—quick.


Brashear wrestlers out to make history

by Malik Vincent Brashear is tied with Perry at the top of the City League wrestling standings; both are at 4-0. But the Bulls feature a certain wrester who may end up in the history books, before it’s all said and done. WATTS WINS—Donall Wood, front, of Oliver tries to escape a hold by Jabril Watts of Brashear in their 125 bout. Watts got the win and the Bulls defeated the Bears 48-21 in City League wrestling action. Godwin Nyama has won City titles in his first two seasons with Brashear. He is looking to become the first to win a title all four years of high school. He’s also got aspirations to become the first City League wrestler to land a spot on a Division I roster. But according to him, his “biggest motivation” is to win a state title—a feat that no one has achieved in the sport’s 22-year history in the League.


This Week in Black History

Week of January 7-13 January 7 From 4th Century AD—Ethiopian Christmas—known as Ganna—is celebrated on Jan. 7. Ethiopian Christianity was much closer to the Christian Coptic Church of Egypt and as a result never incorporated many of the dictates of the early Roman Catholic Church. Thus, a plausible argument can be made that Ethiopian Christianity is more pure (or less corrupted) than that which emerged from the early Christian Church in Europe. Regardless, the best scientific speculation is that Jesus was born neither on December 25th nor January 7th. The most probable month of his birth is April. Five Fisk graduates— From 1888. W.E.B. DuBois is second from left.


A better brown bag

If you think that taking lunch to work has to be as boring as the brown bag you pack it in, think again. With a little planning and creative think­ing, you can have a satisfying midday meal wher­ever you find a table. Taking your lunch to work saves you money, helps you control calories and allows you to boost your daily nutrition. You control the portions and the ingredients, so you can customize what you carry, ensuring that you get a good-for-you lunch that you’ll enjoy. Here are tips from the National Peanut Board that may inspire you to think outside the lunchbox and create a brown bag meal you will be proud to carry. Pita Pockets with Chinese Chicken-Peanut Salad


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited Westinghouse High School in Homewood, The Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coliseum in Homewood, Club Café on the South Side, Millennial Reign Church in Homewood and the Circuit Center on the South Side. I’ve attend so many events over the holidays season that I could not fit all of the photos on this page, so this is just part one of the events I attended. I want to show love to all of you, so stay tuned for next week’s OUT AND ABOUT for photos from the Fred Hammond concert and much more. Dancers at the Kwanzaa Celebration presented by the Community Empowerment Association at Westinghouse High School.