Daily Archive: February 10, 2011


America’s violent rightwing extremism continues

(NNPA)—All Americans and all people of goodwill throughout the world were once again shocked by the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords last weekend in Tucson, Ariz., that left six persons dead and 14 others injured. What type of madness would lead to such violence? Was it an “isolated” incident? Or was this just the latest manifestation of a growing and evolving social and political problem that has been lingering for the last 50 years or more in the United States? Our prayers are with the family members of all the victims of the Tucson shootings. President Barack Obama was correct to point out that what happened to Congresswoman Giffords and to the other victims in Arizona impacts all Americans and the outcry for challenging this type of violence is near universal.


We owe Mississippi Gov. Barbour NOTHING! No props, no gratutude

In recent days some have heaped accolades on Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour for indefinitely suspending the double life sentences unjustly leveled against Gladys and Jamie Scott for their alleged role in a 1993 robbery. What seems to have been lost in the celebration is that Barbour’s action does not grant a full pardon, a clemency or a commutation of their sentences that sets them free forever. Barbour’s action also does not guarantee their suspended sentences will never be reversed resulting in their return to prison. To add insult to injury, as a condition of Barbour’s release, Gladys Scott must give up a kidney to her older sister Jamie, not to save her life, but to save the state money in dialysis treatments.


A tragedy and my apology

(NNPA)—My cellphone pinged on Saturday to say I had a message. I was in the middle of lunch and chose to ignore it. When I picked it up a couple of hours later, I felt the same sickness that millions did, learning that Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford was shot in an assassination attempt. Television news bubbled over with the news, with fact, spin, and interpretation. Would all 435 members of Congress need ramped up security? Was hate speech the basis of this shooting? I even saw Neil Boortz, the peripatetic Atlanta lawyer and talk show host suggest that President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama had been guilty of some of the same hate speech that the right has been accused of. Please.


A week of justice

In the last week, there has been some extremely good news on the criminal justice front. No, the federal government didn’t pass any new sentencing laws. Nothing like that. Rather, three individuals were given the chance, after long prison sentences, to reclaim their lives. Cornelius Dupree Jr. served three decades in prison for a rape and robbery he didn’t commit. Arrested in Dallas in 1979 and paroled in 2010, Dupree’s name was finally cleared, thanks to DNA evidence. A Texas law guarantees Dupree $80,000 for every year he spent in prison; that adds up to $2.4 million. Dupree is also entitled to a lifetime annuity.


Out & About with Brotha Ash

As I promised, here is Part II of the holiday events that I had the pleasure of celebrating with you. This week I visited the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Club Café on the South Side of Pittsburgh, the August Wilson Center in Downtown Pittsburgh, the Circuit Center on the South Side of Pittsburgh, Calvary Baptist Church in the Hill District and the Galaxy Lounge and Entertainment Center in Homewood. My first stop was at Club Café on the South Side where R&B group Artistree held a concert featuring Rodney McCoy and Teresa Hawthorne to a sold out crowd. All of the groups did a fantastic job and celebrated the holidays with their fans. Gospel singer Fred Hammond and Chuck Sanders of Savoy Restaurant at the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville.


Communications changing the way of the world

Communications, the world revolves around it. One of the biggest phenomenons within the industry over the past several years has been the development of cellular telephones known as cell or mobile phones. It is said that there are approximately 1.8 billion mobile devices worldwide. Derived from the radiophone, the first mobile telephone call, according to Wikipedia, was made from a car in 1946. The first call from a handheld mobile phone was performed in 1973. Since then cell phones have expanded to 3G (Third Generation) and conduct numerous functions with 4G quickly expanding in the market. READY FOR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE—From left: Pam Collier, Andrew Lee, Leonard Pinkney and Gordon Manker prepare to take the 4G experience in their careers. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)


Congress positioned to deal with debt debate

by D. Ellison For New Pittsburgh Courier (NNPA) WASHINGTON—Amidst niceties, welcome-backs, and hugs by lawmakers stumbling over Articles in the Constitution, Congress is bracing for the big cheese of government cheddar scraps as they return for one of the more bombastic sessions in recent political memory. The eight hundred pound gorilla beating up reluctant legislators is an eye-popping national debt that starts-with-a-“T”. Observers expect some of the nastiest fights on Capitol Hill to revolve around the national debt, which hit $14 trillion recently…and counting: an in-your-mug reminder of the loaded fiscal shoveling Congress must perform or risk certain financial death.



For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Personal Finance is more personal than it is finance. In fact personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent technical knowledge. This suggests that in order to win financially it’s more important to understand one’s behavior toward money than to understand the dynamics of how money works. Yet, those of us in the financial field spend 95 percent of our time discussing financial and mathematical concepts that will at best solve only 20 percent of the problem.


The battle of the smartphones

Remember when portable phones used to do just that—phone? As in, you made and received calls and actually spoke to another person or left a message? But suddenly, we began leading such hectic, busy lives we needed our phones to be “smart.” Smart enough to send e-mail messages when we really don’t want to actually talk to our colleagues or clients. Smart enough to surf the web for us when we’re too impatient to wait until we get to a desktop computer.


Surging Duquesne women quietly garnering respect

by Malik VincentFor New Pittsburgh Courier After establishing a program-best 13-2 non-conference record, the Duquesne women’s basketball team hosted St. Bonaventure to open their Atlantic-10 schedule on Saturday at the Palumbo Center. Down by as much as 16-points, the Dukes were able to storm back to a 60-54 victory behind a game-high 20 points and 7 assists by junior guard Vanessa Abel— whose performance included pulling down 6 rebounds. LEADS DUKES— Local product Vanessa Abel drives to the basket in Duquesne’s 60-54 victory against St. Bonaventure Jan. 8 at the Palumbo Center. She led all scorers with 20 points, while adding on 6 rebounds and 7 assists. (Duquesne University Athletics Photo/David DeNoma)