Monthly Archive: January 2011


3-2-1…Happy New You!

As the pumpkin pie, holiday cock­tail and sugar cookie memories begin to fade, we’re reminded that the time has come to set or “re-set” our goals. Popular New Year’s resolutions—to lose weight and/or stay fit—resurface with a bang year after year. You’ve probably heard people say, “Those who lose weight eventually gain it back.” Don’t give up hope! Many people who successfully maintained a substantial weight loss for more than a year have done it on their own. ORIGINAL RANCH SPINACH DIP


Selections by Genea & Eric presents sixth annual ‘Fashion For A Cure’

It was an afternoon filled with fashion and a familiar cause: Finding a cure for breast cancer research. Selections by Genea & Eric held its sixth annual “Fashions For A Cure” fashion show and luncheon at the posh Willow Room banquet facility in Belle Vernon. In addition to high-quality, eye-catching fashions, the event featured a Chinese and silent auction, door prizes, speaker, entertainment and a 50/50 raffle. SELECTIONS BY GENEA & ERIC OWNERS


Speak Out: What do you think of the selection of Linda Lane as new Pgh. School Board Superintendent?

Deputy Superintendent Linda Lane was recently selected by the School Board as its new superintendent, so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought and what her first priority should be and this is what you said: “Hopefully she can do better then the last superintendent and maybe she will bring a fresh approach to the problems we are facing in the city of Pittsburgh. Her first priority should be trying to get good teachers in the city to help with the children’s education.”Audra WalkerMorningsideComputer administrator


Guest editorial…Good news and bad news in Obama-GOP tax deal

On Friday, President Barack Obama signed into law a sweeping plan to extend expiring Bush-era tax cuts and jobless benefits for millions of unemployed Americans. The good news is that the bill extends long-term unemployment for 13 months. Without the extension, 7 million unemployed workers would lose their benefits by next November. Workers will also benefit from the reduction of the payroll tax. Under the bill, a worker making $40,000 a year would save $800 a year. A worker making $70,000 a year would save $1,400. The bill also includes deductions for mortgage insurance, child tax credits and several tax breaks designed to reduce the cost of paying for college.



Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s

The overwhelming majority of the Black communities over the year 2010 have a lot to be thankful for. There are periods of time that we forget that true richness is not based on materialism, but rather on that which money can’t buy, namely health, happiness and a loving family. Sometimes we forget that living and dying are intertwined. A friend of mine was distraught with pains of sorrow because his mother, who lived until she was 93 years of age, died. I reminded him that the Master stated that He would grant us three score plus 10, which equals 70. Momma lived 23 years passed that, so you should be thankful for the longevity and goodness of her life.


President Obama is an apprentice negotiator

(NNPA)—President Barack Obama’s negotiations with Republicans over extending both the Bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits reminded me of an episode of The Apprentice. In week 11, the Octane team of Clint and Steuart was matched against the Fortitude team of Brandy and Liza. The task was to meet with QVC officials and pick a product to sell on television. The team with the highest sales would be declared the winner and the losers would have to face Donald Trump in the boardroom.


Watch the writings on the wall

Dear Editor: I am an African-American corrections officer who constantly comes into contact with many of the Pittsburgh youth from the Black community. At one time I believed that the only way to reach our community was through the churches. I no longer think this is possible. I pay very close attention to how our community is represented, both from the media and the general public, and the one thing that I feel is that we, meaning Black adults, are in a particular denial that has infested the youth.


A great day for Black families

(NNPA)—On Dec. 17, Congress passed legislation that will greatly reduce the tax burden on estates. The new law exempts the first $5 million of value that a person leaves to his/her loved ones. After that, the tax rate of 35 percent will be applied to the remainder. This is the lowest rate in 80 years and it is certainly a blessing for Black families. We are now evolving into ownership and business entrepreneurship which allows more and more Blacks to accumulate some wealth to pass on to their children and grandchildren. Wealth is built through inheritance and the work of generations. We Blacks have been hurt financially because our past has been plagued with poverty and slavery. The time has now come for us to begin to get out of that misery and enjoy life the way God intends for us to.



The city of brotherly snubs

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—Barack Obama may have an excellent resume when it comes to attempts at bi-partisanship with the GOP but he seems to have an entirely different effect on his own party’s unity. Obama’s become a surprisingly polarizing figure within one of the most unified and consistent bastions of political power in the African-American community: The Congressional Black Caucus. The CBC appears to be going through one of its roughest periods in history and the most recent problems for the august caucus are centered right on the president that so many of them were enamored with just two years ago.


Christmas, Kwanzaa and Chanukkah: Holiday diversity

(NNPA)—Habari Gani begins the greeting. It is Swahili for “what’s happening.” During Kwanzaa, the seven days between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, the response reflects the particular day of Kwanzaa. On Dec. 26, the response is Umoja, which means Unity. On Dec. 29, the response is Ujamaa, which is cooperative economics. On the last day of Kwanzaa, Jan. 1, the response is Imani which means Faith. We are all indebted to Mualana Ron Karenga for his development of the Kwanzaa concept in 1969, and for the millions of people who celebrate African history and heritage. As a Christian, I worship and am mindful of the birth of the Christ Child and the fact that somehow, as a greeting, Happy Holidays has swallowed Merry Christmas.