Daily Archive: January 6, 2011


After prison, Ron Isley picks up where he left off

NEW YORK (AP)—When Ron Isley talks about the three years he spent in prison for tax evasion, there’s no bitterness or anger in his voice: At times, there almost seems to be a bit of nostalgia. “I made a lot of friends. I was treated like a king. I had all of the respect that one would want. And it’s a part of that that I miss—when I say I miss, I miss the people that I met,” said the 69-year-old with the golden tenor. BACK ON TRACK—In this Oct. 19 photo, recording artist Ron Isley poses for a portrait in New York. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen) “When I first went in there, there were 300 people there and those 300 people were behind me 100 percent, and when I say 100 percent, I really mean that,” he added. “‘What can we get for you? Do you need this, do you need that?’ …24 hours a day, and that’s a blessing.”


Kardashian has successful unveiling of watch collection

Los Angeles, Calif.—The beautiful Kim Kardashian released her exquisite line of signature watches in conjunction with The Brissmor Company. The watch is available online now for pre-orders at http://www.kimkardashianwatches.com. In 2011 it will be available worldwide. AT UNVEILING—Kim Kardashian shows off one of her signature watches with the owners of the watch company, The Brissmor Company—Bright Riley, left, Chris Mortimer and Suamana “Swoop” Brown, right. (Photo by Vince Tanzilini) “I really wanted to create something special for all women all over the world. And when TLK Fusion presented the opportunity with the Brissmor Watch Company, I was on board! I love fashion and I know what women like! This was an opportunity to do something fabulous,” says Kim.



Christmas is the only holiday where people go broke

Christmas is the only holiday where people go broke It’s been said that Christmas is the season where you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money. During a Sunday service, Pastor Michael Smith of Destiny International Ministries made a comment, “Christmas is the only holiday where people go broke!” As a financial columnist this peaked my interest—so much that I asked him a question. “How do we place Christ back into Christmas?” He answered, “I believe that the world would be a lot better off if we could learn to place Christ back into the heart, soul and mind of the people of this earth. Colossians 1:27 says, ‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery which is CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory.’ If we can learn how to get Christ back into our lives then we can learn how to live, act, walk, talk, think and be like Christ.”


You have the power

(NNPA)—In our journey of life, we all have problems. There are enough problems to go around. The trick is how we look at them and whether we react the right way in order to solve them. Too often, people are looking at a problem without even realizing that it is a problem. Understanding is half the battle when it comes to problem solving. You must first understand what a problem is before attempting to identify it or even resolve it.


City League Boys and Girls Basketball Roundup

by Malik Vincent Unfortunately for City League teams playing in area tip-off tournaments last weekend, none could muster more than a split in their two games. On the boys side, four teams earned a split. 1. Carrick participated in the Brentwood Tournament. They won their first game 74-34 over the host Spartans on Friday night. They then dropped an 85-82 thriller to Meadville in the championship game on Saturday.



:10—“Troy” …you know who I mean… I am just speechless. And you know how rare that is! :09—You want to stop the Patriots, stop “Brady.” You want to stop “Brady,” stop “Brady.” Think that can’t be done? Check with L.C. Greenwood, Joe Green, Ham, Lambert and the boys. They got to the best of all time! BILL NEAL :08—To Pittsburgh’s own national talk show celebrity caller “Raider Bob,” your Oakland “Commitment to Excellence” is almost back. Not quite, but almost.



Wrong is wrong

Wesley Snipes seems to be surprised that he is going to jail and would like people to pray for him. We’ll pray for you, Wesley, but you know you are wrong. If you don’t pay your income taxes someone is going to catch up with you. Each year most of the working public files something called federal income taxes. If you work you have to file. We see you working in the movies and apparently the IRS saw some of those same movies. They want their money. I really don’t see any reason for you to go to jail. How are you going to pay them if you are locked up? Once you are incarcerated those of us who have paid their taxes have to take care of you for three years. What I do wish for you is that you could stay free and try to make payments. You’re not doing anyone any good in jail.


A Queen is Crowned

On Dec. 4 at the Churchill Valley Country Club The Harriet Tubman Guild Inc. presented their annual Queen’s Luncheon. Their theme for 2010: “Continuing to Build on Our Legacy of Faith.” The Guild always attracts a large audience and this Saturday was no different. The annual luncheon managed to pack in a delightful lunch, music my Henry Biggs and Company, a Color Guard Presentation by the US Marine Veterans, the crowning of the 2010 Queen, a presentation to honorees and a one of a kind fashion show with fashions from Chapeaux, Etc. Boutique all in one afternoon. QUEEN REPRESENTATIVES—Brenda White, Annette Diggs, Paula Reed, Jacquie Brackett, Bernice Curry Brady, Jemimah Worthy and Marie Ellams. (Photos by Debbie Norrell) One of the high lights of the afternoon is the passing of the crown to the new queen. Brenda White of Together Chapter was crowned as queen. Her court included: Paula Reed (Tri-Boro Chapter) and Jacquie Brackett (Hallie Q. Brown Chapter). The remaining queen representatives were, Marie Ellams (Congress Chapter), Jemimah Worthy (Distinctive Young Ladies) and Bernice Curry Brady (Emanon). Two members of the Harriet Tubman Guild were honored for their extraordinary service: Anna Mae Wright and Sedonia Pettigrew.


Celebrity battles with pancreatic cancer helps increase awareness

Pancreatic cancer is not a new disease. It just so happens that it has received a lot of attention with the health battles of celebrities including actor Patrick Swayze and football great Gene Upshaw. Their struggle with pancreatic cancer has shed some light on the severity of this disease. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness of pancreatic cancer continues to exist. In 2010, an estimated 43,140 new cases and 36,800 deaths from pancreatic cancer were predicted for the year. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the United States. This cancer is so deadly because it is usually not diagnosed until the disease has spread.