Daily Archive: December 10, 2010


Voting change is needed before 2012

(NNPA)—Public policy is determined by politics. Politics is predicated on electoral rules. The presidential election is closer than most Americans are aware. Current electoral rules in the United States of America, pursuant to the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution (and affirmed by the Supreme Court case, Gore v Bush, 2000), permit states to control federal elections. From formats of ballots to private contracts for voting machines, election law is set on a state-by-state, county-by-county, city-by-city basis.


Helping soldiers through 4 Troops

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Ron Henry is proud to be an American. He has always wanted to find a way to bring cohesiveness between soldiers and civilian Americans. Now, as one of members of 4 Troops, a group of singing former Iraqi and Afghan­istan veterans, Henry is able to do just that. 4 TROOPS—Sergeant Ron Henry, back center. “We want this music to heal and encourage people. We have to continue to heal America,” said Henry, 42. 4 Troops released its self-titled debut last May to critical acclaim. The album struck a chord with audiences and quickly made 4 Troops a household name.


Cover To Cover…‘Writing Great Books for Young Adults’

When the kids were little, they loved hearing your stories. You lost count of the times they asked you about your brother, who pushed you down a hill on a broken wagon and skinned your nose. They laughed every time you imitated your mother tossing pie crust in the air. Even neighborhood kids begged to hear about when Grandpa fell off the pony. All your life, you’ve been telling stories. Now that the kids are older, maybe it’s time to use that pent-up creativity by becoming a real author. Start by reading “Writing Great Books for Young Adults” by Regina Brooks.


I can’t take being dumped —I get revenge!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am 34-years-old and I have a problem. I have had this same problem since my teen years. I am desperate to find a solution. When I was 17, my girlfriend at the time broke up with me for someone else. I was upset and told her that I was going to kill her. We made up and became friends, but Gwendolyn, I thought about it later and decided to take revenge. I went over to her house around 3 a.m. and set the house on fire—and also punctured the tires on her father’s car, her mother’s car and her brother’s car.


A job’s ­partnership

Jobs Partnership is a faith-based job readiness training program that brings churches and businesses together to train, mentor and get the unemployed working. “Jobs Partnership of Cleveland has graduated over 500 students. Ninety percent of the students that finish the program secure jobs, 83 percent are still on the job after 12 months and 65 percent of the students have jobs with benefits, with the average starting wage of over $9 per hour,” proudly states Elder Yvonne Tufts Jeans, Executive Director of the program. “This jobs program works.”



How to avoid debt while Christmas shopping this year

Can you believe it’s the month of December already? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Retailers are open extended hours seeking to claim the money in your wallet. Every charitable organization known to man is soliciting you for money. Friends and family are dropping hints about certain gifts that they would enjoy this year. People in the office are asking you to chip in on a gift for the boss. Your church is passing around an extra offering plate for a present for the Pastor.


You gotta know when to get in control

(NNPA)—The recent release of the November unemployment figures in headline news confirms financial hardship threatens our economic well-being. The gloomy news can tempt one to embrace or personalize failure. It is important to pay attention to your true destiny, because you may believe that you are failing for other reasons, when the failure is simply destiny telling you that you are on the wrong path! Destiny is not something you create; it is something that you discover. Once you discover your purpose, your destiny, you have to align yourself with it, or you could end up on a path of self-destruction.


Gov’t plans to sell shares of Citigroup stock

WASHINGTON (AP)—The government said it will sell its remaining shares of Citigroup common stock in the latest effort to recoup costs from the $700 billion financial bailout. The Treasury Department said Monday that it will sell approximately 2.4 billion shares of Citigroup Inc. common stock. The sale would begin immediately and would end when the government determined that it had received an acceptable price for the shares.


City League Football Wrap-Up…A look at what ended up being what

by Malik Vincent For New Pittsburgh Courier The snow covered grounds around Pittsburgh are a grand indication that high school football has come to its end in the City League. Perry, the class of the City, made an early exit out of the PIAA playoffs—in a close 35-26 loss to District VI Champ State College—after dominating the League with a perfect 11-0 mark. That included a convincing 32-0 rout of its second-best team, the Brashear Bulls, in the championship game on Nov. 20. One thing that may always be remembered about this season was Perry’s prolific passing attack. Head coach Bill Gallagher, was an assistant on a Brashear team that quarterback Rasheed Marshall played on and described his QB Greg McGhee as a “better player than Marshall.” GREG MCGHEE (William McBride/File Photo)