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New York Times Report: Obama could prevail in 2012

by Dorothy Rowley Despite marginal success with his foreign policy, attempts to reduce unemployment and the recent loss of Democratic control of the House of Representatives, President Barack Obama still seems to be on the path for a successful 2012 campaign bid, according to a recent New York Times report written by Jeff Somner. BARACK OBAMA In addition, economists like Yale University professor Ray Fair predict that by 2011, the economy may have rebounded, and that Obama will likely face a weak opponent.



What, no Black community?

I was in attendance with 300 other people at the August Wilson Center when a respectable, nationally known Black man made a statement that I am in total disagreement with. He stated that Black communities and Black neighborhoods never existed. I have a perception of both, basically they are one and the same, and after checking the dictionary it was in agreement with me. There were and still are Black communities and Black neighborhoods throughout Allegheny County, and God knows they have changed and generally for the worst. They were located throughout the Mon Valley, Rankin, Braddock, Homestead, Clairton, Duquesne, McKeesport, and other Allegheny County areas. In the city of Pittsburgh they are Manchester (North Side) Lawrenceville, Hill District, Garfield, and forgive me if I missed your community or neighborhood.



Limbaugh and Huckabee propose airport groping of Obama girls

(NNPA)—All our lives we’ve heard stories about The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Now we can add to that two grinches—Rush Limbaugh and Mike Huckabee—who stole the Obama family’s Thanksgiving. Or, at least tried. While the rest of us were preparing last week to express gratitude for our blessings, those two spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving urging President Barack Obama to expose his wife, two daughters, and mother-in-law to airport security groping.



LeBron James: Decision maker comes home

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—Earlier this year one of the most momentous occasions in sports history occurred. Not the Giants winning a world series, Tiger recovering from his domestic squabbles or even the Saints beating the overrated Colts in the Super bowl. The most critical sports event of 2010 was LeBron James’ infamous “Decision” wherein he held a one-hour live interview on ESPN to announce what team he would go to in free agency. In one simple sentence “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” he changed the sports world forever, and brought forth a torrent of racial and cultural venom from Cleveland Cavalier fans who felt betrayed and abandoned. On Dec. 2, LeBron and his new team the Miami Heat return to Cleveland for his first time and perhaps re-evaluate the cultural significance of the “Decision” and what came from it.


Great opportunity for Chicago

(NNPA)—Remember the great Black mayors of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s? What happened to them? Chicago had one of the greatest in Harold Washington. Among others there were Carl Stokes, Michael White, Wellington Webb, Coleman Young, Thomas Bradley, Marion Barry and the greatest of all, the Honorable Maynard Jackson. The measuring tool to grade these mayors is the economic development created by their platforms and their ability to get through White opposition and political machines trying to fight against any progress. These leaders made Black millionaires and that created hundreds of thousands of jobs within our communities.


Guest editorial…GOP ‘mandate’ should not intimidate Obama

The refusals by House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to accept President Barack Obama’s invitation to the White House are troubling on several levels. First and foremost, it’s disrespectful. Both Republican leaders claimed they had scheduling conflicts, ignoring the long held Washington credo that when the president calls you drop everything and respond promptly. If he invites you to the White House, you go.



‘I Gotcha’ sweeps Onyx Awards

Joyce Meggerson-Moore felt really honored when she learned that New Horizon Theater had won 11 African American Council For The Arts Onyx Awards for the theater’s outstanding production “I Gotcha! The Story of Joe Tex and The Soul Clan.” BIG WINNER—Representing the New Horizon Theater is Olga T. George with all the awards they won, which were: Best Ensemble in a Musical, Best Sound in a Musical, Best Light Design in a Musical, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, Best Director of a Musical, Best Leading Actress in a Musical, Best Musical, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, Best Music Director of a Musical, and Best Light Design in a Play. (Photo by J.L. Martello). “We were happy to win all of those awards and we were happy that we could compete with other local theater companies on that level,” said Moore, chairperson of New Horizon Theater. “I Gotcha! The Story of Joe Tex,” told the real-life story of soul singer Joe Tex and his sojourn as a prolific, innovative singer and his devout devotion to the Nation of Islam later in his life. The story was written by Chicago-based writer Joe Plummer and co-written by David Barr.


Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Chubb Rock and Tuffy Tuff perform at the Homewood Coliseum

This week I visited the Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coliseum where Midnight Productions brought three of the hip-hop legends to the ‘Burgh. The event was called “The Ole School Cabaret”. Hip-hop Chubb Rock legend did his thing on stage for his fans. National recording hip-hop artist Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick and Chubb Rock came to Pittsburgh and performed all of their hits for over 1,000 fans at the Greater Pittsburgh Homewood Coliseum.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 2 John Witherspoon The Improv presents John Witherspoon at 8 p.m. at 166 E. Bridge St., Waterfront. For four-nights the hilarious Witherspoon will bring the laughter to the Burgh. He has appeared in numerous movies and television and is better known for his roles as Ice Cube’s dad in the Friday trilogy and Pops on the “Wayans Brothers” sitcom. Witherspoon will perform through Dec. 4. This is a 21 and over show. For more information, call 412-462-5233.