Daily Archive: November 19, 2010


My business partner abandoned her commitments!

(NNPA) Dear Gwendolyn: Last year I went into business with a lady I had only known for three months. This is the problem: I borrowed $20,000 to start a home for the elderly—24 hr. sitting. I used the money to rent a large facility that had once been a small patient clinic. I purchased all furniture and medical equipment needed. I immediately had near full capacity. My daughter came home one afternoon with a schoolmate. Her schoolmate told me her mother was looking for a job. After talking with her mother, she explained to me she was looking for a partner and not necessarily a job.


Mayor Landrieu’s Black business problem

(NNPA)—Hurricane Katrina brought significant devastation to the City of New Orleans. It more or less broke it down and the rebuilding of this great city has been slow, deliberate but worth every second. From the “ashes” of Katrina, has risen a new city made stronger by the resilience of its citizens. One of the finest set of examples is how the Black entrepreneurs gathered themselves and resolved to build their businesses back up. Most of them not only succeeded in repairing themselves but have actually become stronger. The playing field had been leveled and those of talent and strength rose to the occasion. Unlike the political landscape of pre-Katrina, the corruption factor had been removed. New Orleans had a well-deserved reputation of money bags, kick backs, and pay offs for contractual favors. The regional office of the FBI had an enormous staff and stayed very busy with indictments, convictions, and more, and more investigations. The mayoral administrations prior to Mayor Ray Nagin’s were notorious and many of the participants of those administrations are still in jail or are just finishing their terms of incarceration.



Until debt do us part

I solemnly take thee to be my lawfully wedded spouse. For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, through sickness and good health, until death do us part. Today, the divorce rate is an alarming 51 percent, meaning one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Of those divorces, nearly 80 percent cite financial problems as the leading cause of the marital demise. That will suggest people are more willing to reconcile their differences during the sick times, such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, diabetes, heart failure, cancer, strokes, and other ailments. People are more willing to reconcile their differences during the worse times like lying, cheating, stealing, verbal/physical abuse, and others. But when it comes to the poor times, nearly 80 percent say it is time to call it quits. The ill effects on finances as a result of divorce due to child support, alimony, and loss of income often times further damages the husband, wife, children and new relationships.


Busiest month for political ads held some surprises

The midterm elections are over thank goodness. But besides the results themselves, there were other surprises: did you know that American TV viewers were inundated with more TV ads than probably ever before? Well, given the current hostile political climate—locally and nationally—it probably doesn’t actually surprise any of us, now does it? But let’s explore the results nonetheless. During October, American TV viewers were exposed to almost 1.48 million political ads, up from the 1.41 million political ads aired in October 2008 (the last major presidential election year), according to data released by my employer, The Nielsen Company. It was the largest political ad output on record in what is traditionally known as the busiest month of the year for political messaging. Nielsen data over the last five calendar years suggest that TV distributors air twice as many political and issue ads in October than any other month, on average.


Basketball legend Flenory is ‘getting on with his life’s work’

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Chuck Noll, the only NFL coach to win four Super Bowls, used to tell his retiring players that it is time to get on with your life’s work. Baron “B.B.” Flenory is doing just that. Flenory scored nearly 2,000 points at Valley High School in New Kensington and was a Parade All-American as a senior. He was Pennsylvania’s High School Player of the Year in 1976 and scored 25 points and won MVP honors for Pennsylvania in the famous Dapper Dan Roundball classic. BARON ‘B.B.’ FLENORY Flenory is in the WPIAL Hall of Fame, the Duquesne University Hall of Fame and is now trying to get into the “Fund Raising Hall of Fame”.




10. Well now Part-ner! All you so-called basketball know-it-alls that never made an athletic move in your life but to get out of the way… I told you Boston will win the NBA East. Did you see the Celtic/Heat rematch? Nuff said. BILL NEAL 9. OK… Keep standing around “doing nothin’” like it’s not your problem and “we” won’t have a City League school left to have a memory about! 8. Does it look or sound like “Cam” Newton, the quarterback for Auburn, or his dad care about the NCAA? Look around boys. It’s a new day? You’re going to have to start paying NCAA athletes if you want them to keep making money for your universities.



Preparing for Black Friday

Black Friday can’t be far away. I can tell because Halloween is over and Christmas decorations are going up already in stores and malls. I know the stores are anxious for our dollars but give us a break. I consider myself a Black Friday warrior. I watch the commercials, read the ads and map out my morning. This year I’m thinking about sleeping in. There isn’t a thing that I need. But you know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. If you decide to go here are a few tips. Make a list of what you want to purchase and where you will find it. Go to the store that opens earliest first. Some of the best bargains are unadvertised. If you’re buying gifts for others, stay within your budget. Try not to get caught up in the madness of the morning.


MVI Housing Counseling helps veteran buy Swissvale home

Some solid support from the Mon Valley Initiative’s Housing Counseling Program and five years of effort helped create another homeowner in Swissvale this past October. “We just kept sticking to the plan and everything came together for us,” said Clarence E. Nesbit Sr., an Army veteran and new owner of a home on Woodstock Avenue. “I’m proof that if you want a house, you just have to keep working to get it.” PROUD NEW HOMEOWNERS—Sharon Nesbit and Clarence Nesbit Sr. show a picture of the new home they bought on Woodstock Avenue in Swissvale. The couple was aided in their purchase by housing counseling they received through the Mon Valley Initiative. Nesbit began his journey from renter to homeowner in October 2005 when he and his wife, Sharon, met with Mike Mauer, MVI’s NeighborWorks Certified Housing Counselor. As he has done with scores of other clients during the last six years, Mauer provided guidance and information about mortgage lending to help develop a workable action plan with the couple. By following the plan, the Nesbits became mortgage-ready and bought their home.


Recipe for discovery

Have you watched the Food Network? Maybe you have tuned in to YouTube or possibly late one night you caught the story of Jeff Henderson on television. Henderson is now better known as Chef Jeff instead of his street moniker “Hard Head.” On Oct. 28, at the Doubletree Hotel, One Bigelow Square, more than 150 gathered for Amachi: A Recipe for Discovery. EXECUTING THE RECIPE—Chef Jeff creates Crispy Crab Cakes with Amachi Pittsburgh mentees. (Photos by Debbie Norrell) Amachi Pittsburgh is an organization dedicated to helping children in Allegheny County with incarcerated parents. Since 2003, Amachi Pittsburgh has been dedicated to helping ­Allegheny County’s children fulfill their God-given purpose. Through a unique partnership of secular and faith-based organizations, Amachi works to mentor young minds, ensuring that all children are rightfully recognized as children of promise.