Daily Archive: October 6, 2010



Crime and criminality

Allow me to make a distinction between crime and criminality. Crime is often between one or two people. I do not seek to minimize those kinds of criminal acts because a death for example can affect the lives of families on both sides. It is my personal belief that those who commit crimes and are labeled criminals generally should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, particularly those who commit vicious and inhumane acts. However, those who commit acts of criminality which are generally referred to as white collar crimes are more devastating to the generally public, because their criminal acts are more detrimental to a monumental number of people from every segment of the general population.


Humorless Muslims and annoying Christians

I am curious to see what happens when President Obama invites Molly Norris to the White House for a beer. Oh, Wait…Molly Norris can’t go to the White House for beer because Molly Norris no longer exists; any trace of her has been wiped clean. Norris, a Seattle cartoonist, was the unfortunate, creative mind who conceived of “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” Ironically, her satirical comment on the demise of free speech in America led to protests and death threats from fundamentalists Muslims, who apparently take cartooning very seriously.



The BBC plays Black matchmaker

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—Television and movies often tell White viewers where to get stereotypical advice from. Are you facing a conflict? Ask the quiet Asian shopkeeper around the corner from your house. Need financial advice? Ask the neurotic Jewish guy from accounting. Need advice about love and sex? Ask your overweight sassy Black female friend or jive talking Black friend who works in the stockroom. Of course that leaves out certain people. If you’re a Black woman seeking relationship advice where do you go? Apparently the British Broadcasting Company.


Accountability and leadership

(NNPA)—When the now infamous allegations against Bishop Eddie Long first surfaced, the world—and specifically the African-American community—paused for a seemingly endless moment. Attempting to cope with the complexity of the situation, we began questioning everything from faith and leadership to sexuality and civic responsibility. An ongoing issue within the Catholic Church, this was the first time that we, within the Black Church, were faced with the troubling notion of pedophilia and abuse of power.


6th Annual Onyx Awards

The African American Council of the Arts 6th Annual Onyx Awards is a multi-faceted, educational arts organization dedicated to promoting the arts as a tool of enlightenment, personal development and tolerance for minorities and the disadvantaged through education, training, literature research, dissemination of information, job opportunities, the Onyx Awards and incentives. PITTSBURGH PLAY WRIGHTS—The director and the cast of “Jitney” performed by the Pittsburgh Play Wright’s. Front row, seated, from left: Ja’Sonta Roberts Dean, Genna Styles holding 3-year-old Marcus Southers and Cheryl El Walker. Standing from left: Maurice Redwood, Mark Southers, Kevin Brown, Sala Udin and Les Howard.


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited West Club Lounge at Heinz Field on the North Shore, Club Whim Pittsburgh in Station Square, Kelly’s Bar in East Liberty, the North Side Elks Lounge in the Hill District, Denise and Earl’s Bar in Homewood, CJ’s in the Strip District, The Galaxy Club in Homewood, The Shadow Lounge in East Liberty and Ava Lounge in East Liberty. My first stop was at the Galaxy Club in Homewood where Denise celebrated her birthday with family and friends. Tracey Lee was on the 1’s and 2’s and had the whole party jumping. I have to shout out Dell Saunders, Artistree and Mrs. Jefferson. Jerome Bettis, Chuck Sanders and K. Chase Patterson at the West Lounge Club at Heinz Field at the annual 50 Men of Excellence Awards ceremony presented by the New Pittsburgh Courier.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 7 Jazz jam CJ’s Restaurant & Lounge presents “The Roger Humphries & RH Factor Jazz Jam Session” at 8 p.m. at 2901-2911 Penn Ave., Strip District. There will be live jazz and fun every Thursday night. Must be 30 years or older and there is a dress code that will be enforced. No tennis shoes, sweats or athletic gear. For more information, call 412-642-2377.


Strategic alliances create stronger businesses

(NNPA)—“We must demonstrate our capacity to cooperate among ourselves, before demanding cooperation where the resources of others are at stake. Business is the ultimate test of our ability to cooperate. Somehow we must learn this fundamental lesson. It will be costly; there will be some loss in the process, but we must keep it up until we have developed within the race a group of people of definite capacity and unquestioned integrity, who can lead the way to larger achievements for the benefit of the whole race.” — R.R. Moton, president, National Negro Business League, 1928 It seems so difficult for Moton’s message to sink in and be implemented by many of our business owners. You would think that during the last 82 years since he spoke those words Black folks, collectively, would have built hundreds of business associations, thereby commanding a much higher percentage of business revenues than we do today.



Time to share the truth about timeshares

Well over 10 years ago while vacationing in Florida, I was given an offer that I could not refuse. “Come to this free two-hour seminar and you’ll get two free tickets to Disney World and two free tickets to Universal Studios.” Back then tickets to both Disney World and Universal Studios were approximately $60 per ticket. I’m a sucker for free stuff. I was one of the first people in line at the seminar. It turned out that this was no seminar. It was a high-pressure sales environment for timeshares. At the time, I had no earthly idea what a timeshare was. All I knew was that the sales representative wanted me to pay $15,000 for the right to have access to a condo for one week out of the year, every year. Even back then with absolutely no knowledge of timeshares, I thought this was one of the silliest concepts ever conceived. Today, I know it is.


The 3DTV experience

Technology continues to march on at warp speed—but we, as consumers, apparently aren’t always so willing, ready and able to go along for the ride; no matter how bigger, better, faster or more awe-inspiring the newest toy may be. Take 3DTV. 3DTV—really? I am still trying to identify all of my HDTV channels and trying to figure out the technology that must exist to enable them to pop up automatically whenever I turn on the TV instead of having to hunt for them. And, now I have to prep myself for 3DTV? I’m a little hesitant.