Daily Archive: September 3, 2010


Church foreclosures…Jeopardizing America’s houses of worship

(NNPA)—With more than 2.5 million foreclosed homes nationwide and millions more to come, many families are tightening their household budgets, delaying major purchases and paying down debt as best they can. Unemployed or under-employed heads of household hope and pray for a new job, while those who are still working feel fortunate but also nervous that the ax could fall on them next. Historically, severe economic downturns draw many people to turn to their faith, praying for the strength to hold on just a little bit longer. But now, where people pray or worship is also being affected by foreclosures. From California to Tennessee, Georgia and other states, houses of worship are struggling to avoid foreclosure, especially in areas where residential foreclosures are particularly high. MOUNT GILEAD BAPTIST CHURCH IN ATLANTA, GA.


Help your kid succeed as a kid-preneur

(NNPA)—At what age should a child be given “the facts of life”—not the birds-and-bees facts, but the bottom line about what it will be like for him or her to make a living and a life? I don’t think six or seven is too soon to start. In fact, if we don’t teach standards and ethics to children early on and help them establish habits of “response-ability,” it’s terribly hard to rein them in later on. Because as sure as the sun rises, outside influences will intrude soon enough, influences bent on sidetracking our kids and running them off into a ditch. Unless we’ve already inculcated the basics of responsibility and consequences, a child’s future can be dire later on.


Michael Jordan, Charlotte Bobcats make donation to N.C. schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)—Michael Jordan and his Bobcats NBA team donated $250,000 to middle-school athletics programs in Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city. The Charlotte Observer says the NBA hall-of-famer and North Carolina native announced the gift Monday. Jordan, who made a fortune playing in the NBA and marketing his image as one of the world’s best-known athletes, talked about being a contributor to the Charlotte community when he bought the Bobcats this spring.



Happy at work

Is this even a possibility that the words happy and work can be in the same sentence? Nancy Stampahar of Silver Linings Solutions says yes it can happen. Stampahar is an author, consultant, speaker and trainer. Her business provides professional development training and keynote speaking services: http://www.silver­lining­solu­tions.com.” Being happy at work takes a little work (there is that word again) on your behalf. Stampahar says you can choose to be happy or miserable. To make your life and work happier, you first need to make yourself happy. To make yourself happy, you need courage, assertiveness and passion. You can find the happiness that has been suppressed.


Summer Nights

On Aug. 20, Hosanna House, Inc. with Leon Haynes III, executive director, and numerous sponsors and supporters hosted Summer Nights 2010 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hosanna House, Inc. HANDSOME TRIO—Leon Haynes II, Andrew Stockey, and D.C. Chandler. More than 200 guests gathered and enjoyed a VIP reception and dined on delicacies prepared by chefs from P.F Chang’s China Bistro, The Culinary Artists, Catered Elegance and delightful desserts by Gourmet Apple Dessert Catering. During the night under the stars guests perused silent auction items, the artist walk and took chances on the Steeler recliner chair and the lottery tree with $100 in lottery tickets up for grabs. Jatawn Hamiel was the winner of the Steeler recliner while Angela Stribling walked about with the lottery tree. Andrew Stockey (WTAE) and the Soul Pitts founder Donna Baxter served as event emcees, adding a smooth flow to the performances.


I left my husband and don’t feel guilty!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Six months ago I left my husband after 23 years. Now his friends are calling me reminding me that I took vows for better or for worse. Today I started crying when one of his friends called to check on me. Before the conversation ended, I felt miserable. Gwendolyn, my marriage was bad from the beginning. I tried year after year to make it work.


Hosanna House Summer Camp still a place of hope

by Paige MitchellFor New Pittsburgh Courier A place called hope was the old mission statement Hosanna House used to live by. And a place of hope, encouragement and support it truly was. It all began 20 years ago when Leon E. Haynes saw the possibility of the future, and he has been changing lives ever since. Now celebrating their 20th year anniversary, Hosanna House has recently changed their mission statement to “The Mission is Possible.” PROTECTED BY GOD—A reenactment of the story from the Bible where three believers in God were supposed to be burned alive but were not hurt by the flames because God protected them.