Speak Out…Do you think the shootings in McKeesport are related?

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There were several shootings in McKeesport last month leaving three dead. We asked residents what they thought and here’s what you said.

“I don’t think they’re related in terms of people but the relationship between the shootings is the inadequacy of education and housing for the youth and the community. I pray that there aren’t more shootings but I think that there will be. There are no community centers and few who are interested in their upbringing.”
Jan McLean
Legal assistant

Jan McLean, Abdul-Rabb,
James Poag

“It’s hard to state if they’re related; don’t have factual info. As long as the present mind state stays the same, there will be more shootings. It’s (the violence) all throughout urban communities, not just McKeesport. The only way to change the behavior of the youth is to change the thinking of the people.”

“I think they are related but I don’t want to speak on the specifics. I think there will be more violence. There have been many robberies and shootings lately.”
James Poag

“I think they’re related. There is too much shooting in the public housing. I’m not sure if there will be more but I think there needs to be more police in the area.”
Ron Smoot

“I think they’re related in the sense that the devil is using people to turn on and kill each other. Personally and inter-relationally, I have no clue. There will surely be more shootings because we live in a fallen world.”
Chris Brown Sr.

“I do think they’re related as far as retaliation. There’s nothing for the youth to do and the police are scared as well. I think there will be more shootings.”
Cassandra Simmons

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