Daily Archive: July 30, 2010


Jenkins family celebrates 80th anniversary

On July 17, I spent a wonderful day with an incredible family of relatives that can trace their roots back six generations. The day began when I met with a member of the Jenkins family, a great guy named James Scott, in East Liberty at 9 a.m., to go to South Park Township where the Jenkins Family 80th Reunion would take place. We were one of the earliest members to arrive at the main cottage lodge and be greeted by “Auntie” Barbara Jean Minor, who also was a very pleasant lady to know and spend the day with. OLDEST FAMILY MEMBER—“Momma” Marian Jenkins-DeVaughn, front left, with Barbara Jean Minor and Dorothy Jones. Back, from left: Celeste Jenkins, Carolyn Davis, Leslie Jenkins, and Juanita Jenkins hold quilt with family history and photos on it. As we waited for the others to arrive, some of the early arrivals played toss with footballs and softballs in the parking area, a warm-up for the annual softball game to be played later. Meanwhile several of the other cousins and aunts started to prepare the food for the day in the lodge’s kitchen. The Jenkins family’s family tree extends as far south as Mississippi, Florida and Virginia, and north, ranging from Ohio to New York, with Pittsburgh right in the middle.