Daily Archive: July 30, 2010



BP uses prison labor and tax breaks to clean up its mess

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—The consequences of the Deep Horizon BP oil spill will likely not be fully known for years and by then most of the men and women who are responsible for this disaster will either be out of office, in new jobs or retired. However, that shouldn’t stop us from paying attention to some of the newest and most disturbing aspects of the spill, which are not only environmental and health-related. Would it shock you to know that BP is using modern slavery to clean up the Gulf, and better yet, the American taxpayer is paying for it? That might make you want to buy your gas somewhere else.


Blaze front man seeks soulful artists for new label

Josh Milan plans on bringing the soul sound back into music with his artists on Honey Comb Music. “My artists will be partners in my record company,” said Milan, 41, who hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., but lives in the Poconos. “They will be involved in all aspects of the business. In this business, what you don’t know, they won’t tell you, so shame on the artist for not knowing. But I won’t do that to my artists.” JOSH MILAN


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited Riverview Park on the North Side, Roland’s Seafood Grill in the Strip District, Club 21 in the Strip District, The Red Onion in the Hill District and Melange Bristo Bar in Downtown Pittsburgh. My first stop was at Riverview Park on the North Side where the Pittsburgh Ruff Ryders held their annual picnic with folks from the city of Pittsburgh in attendance. It was great to see all the bikers reunited and having a great time. Maximalist Sport Bike Ryders representin’ at Roland’s Seafood Grill in the Strip.


I don’t want my mother-in-law to live with us!

Dear Gwendolyn: I have been married for 18 years and my husband wants his mother to move in with us. She is 96 years old and in failing health. I don’t want to seem selfish, but I told my husband she needs to be in a nursing home facility. I cannot take care of another person. I provided health care to my mother, my aunt, my uncle and a neighborhood friend. I am all beat out. Do you think I am being unfair? I believe my husband will leave me if I don’t agree to his mother’s move-in.—Jeanette



Solve your problems fast and achieve your goals FAST with this ‘magic pill’

Whoever coined the phrase “life isn’t fair” was probably having a bad day. The truth of the matter is “life is fair.” The road of life is paved with hurdles, obstacles, speed bumps, potholes and detours for everyone walking the face of the earth. We look at other people who appear to have what we desire in life, be it money, wisdom, skill, physical shape or relationships and form the opinion that they had it easier than we have it. They had more resources, more time, more opportunity, and more cooperation than what we had to work with. We think to ourselves, if I had what they had, I’d be just as successful. We play the hand that we were dealt and strive to do our best. We experience success here and there but feel we’re working way too hard. We perceive other people to have it easier. There has to be an easier way! This leads us on the journey to seek out the “magic pill”—that thing that’s going to allow us to quickly solve our problems or quickly achieve our goals with minimum effort.


Bank overdraft fees

This spring, while away at college, my son racked up $278 in bank overdraft fees on his debit card account. The actual charges were relatively small, $10 here, $20 there and before he knew it, he had a financial train wreck on his hands. The bank charged $39 for each overdraft that it paid and an additional $39 for each day the account was overdrawn. We suspended the account and because we had a relationship with the bank, the total fees were reduced. We then wired his monthly spending money to him through Walmart.


Pryor says he’s healthy, ready to go

by Rusty MillerAssociated Press Writer COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor can’t wait for the preseason to start next month. The junior from Jeanette, Pa., pronounced himself 100 percent healthy after surgery in February to repair some damage in his left knee. COMING UP ROSES—Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor runs a play against Oregon during the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., Jan 1.


Inside Conditions…Clash of the Titans

The mergers of the original ABA and NBA and the AFL and NFL combined four professional organizations into the two of the most powerful sports entities in the world according to many historians. They are also two perfect examples of “free market” capitalism at work. One of the principal legal architects of the ABA-NBA merger was Richard P. Tinkham. Tinkham was co-founder of the American Basketball Association along with Joe Newman. A 1957 law school grad, Tinkham co-founded the original ABA and the Indiana Pacers franchise in 1967, and served for two years as president of the ABA board of trustees. In 1972-75, he was instrumental in the creation of Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.


Sewickley Community Center holds first Juneteenth event

Juneteenth is the name given to June 19 when, in 1865, the last remaining slaves in Galveston, Texas, were freed. It has become an annual day to commemorate and celebrate freedom and equal rights for all. In operation since the mid-1930s, The Sewickley Community Center is a non-profit organization originally founded as a recreational venue for African-Americans in Sewickley and the surrounding communities. HEADING THE EVENT—Organizers of the event were Miriam Rader, committee; Ingrid LaFleur Whitehead, co-organizer; and Autumn Redcross, co-organizer.