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HAPPY 110TH ­BIRTHDAY—Flossie Carter, a resident of UPMC’s Heritage Place, pictured left, turned 110, becoming the third woman to turn 110 in western Pennsylvania since…


A Truly Sad Day For Me – Al Goodman of the Moments/Ray, Goodman & Brown passes

by Bob Davis For New Pittsburgh Courier Obviously this has been a very sad week here at Soul-Patrol. We have lost one of our most dynamic and influential members, someone that I will personally miss a great deal. However it occured to me that perhaps I have been just a bit to personal with respect to my reflections about Al Goodman and in doing so may have minimized his actual impact and influence in the world of music. We don’t ever want to do that with respect to the legacy of The Moments/Ray, Goodman & Brown. So I thought that I would put something together that was a bit more traditional to mark his passing. At the end is the information about Al’s services, which will be this Monday morning in Englewood, NJ…