Daily Archive: April 14, 2010


Obama should reject top court candidate

(NNPA)—Solicitor General Elena Kagan, said to be President Obama’s leading choice to replace Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, would be a poor appointment and would be unlikely to mirror Stevens’ progressive voting record. Kagan, former dean of the Harvard Law School, was a finalist when Sonia Sotomayor was appointed by Obama to the court last year. Because she has already been vetted—and has won praise from some conservative quarters—White House sources have stated that she heads Obama’s short list of candidates to replace Stevens, the leader of the four-member progressive bloc of Supreme Court justices.


Obama shifts focus, world is now safer

Anyone who remembers the nuclear war drills when they were in elementary school should know how significant President Barack Obama’s changes days ago in America’s nuclear strategy really is. The sheer futility and folly of the world’s safety in the 1950s and 1960s and beyond was borne out by the drill that asked school children to get under their desks in the event nuclear war broke out. There has been a long and meandering history of nations trying to set rules to prohibit nuclear warfare since the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and, sadly, for most of that time the result has been unsatisfactory.


Pennsylvania can still ‘Race to the Top’

It was disappointing to learn that Pennsylvania did not make the cut in the first round in the $4 billion federal grants competition known as Race to the Top. The federal Department of Education announced last week that out of 16 finalists, only Delaware and Tennessee were the first-round winners of the unprecedented competition. Tennessee will get about $500 million and Delaware will receive $100 million, said Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.


Temptations creator talks music…Differences between today’s artists and old school

Motown’s historical groups are coming to Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall, April 18, to give their fans a one-of-a-kind concert. Otis Williams, creator and original member of the legendary Temptations, speaks about his career, lawsuits, today’s artists and much more. He also talks about the movie called “The Temptations” filmed here in Pittsburgh, that he has never seen because it’s too hard emotionally. THE GREATEST—The legendary Temptations are considered by many to be the greatest group ever. There have been many personnel changes throughout the years but the most popular combination is shown above; David Ruffin and Otis Williams, front; Melvin Franklin and Paul Williams, back; and Eddie Kendricks, center.


Can old and young worship together? Play focuses on changes in the church

Charlayne Henry Productions in association with A Sistas Thang did it again. As usual, Henry brings real life situations to the stage. This time the talented writer, producer, actress and singer chose to showcase the cat fights, jealousy and unity that is commonplace in African- American churches throughout America. “Let The Church Say Amen” is a two-act play that focused on five older, long-time Nothing But The Truth Church members who have prayed for new members. When some young people come into the church and start changing things with their new way of worship, the older members are sorry they got what they prayed for. DIFFERENCES—The young and old people in the church argue as Pastor Get It Right, played by James Graham, looks on.


‘Back of the Bus’

Not very long ago, a couple days after you were born, mama and daddy tucked you and buckled you tight for your first ride home. They wanted your little self to be safe, so they put you in the back seat where nothing bad would happen to you. Since that day not very long ago, you’ve spent plenty of time in all sorts of vehicle seats, mostly in back because that’s where kids like you are out of harm’s way. Being in the front seat, next to mom or dad, is a place for big kids and grownups.


My husband is a practical joker!

Dear Gwendolyn: My husband never takes anything serious in public. I hate his behavior, but I must say I have come to tolerate his actions at home. But Gwendolyn, he is most shameful when we are in public. Recently I was interviewed for a top promotion. My husband and I were at the new upscale mall when I ran into my boss and his wife. When I introduced him to my boss, he reacted in a most ridiculous manner. It was so distasteful that when I got to work that Monday morning, my boss informed me the position I was to receive—was going to be put on hold due to budget restraints.



Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited the Holiday Inn in Oakland at Bridges, Ava Lounge in East Liberty, Kenny’s in the Hill District, Ace & Deuces Lounge in the Hill District, CJ’s in the Strip District and The Corner Cafe on the South Side. My first stop was at the Holiday Inn in Oakland at Bridges where B-PEP (The Black Political Empowerment Project) held their annual Jazz Fun-Raiser with many powerful jazz musicians, guest emcees and other local celebrities. Tim Stevens is the president and chairman of this organization and I’m glad to be a member. Birthday celebrations were taking place at CJ’s in the Strip District.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Nomination deadline APRIL 23 is the deadline for The New Pittsburgh Courier’s “50 Women of Excellence” Nominations at 5 p.m. This is your chance to select Pittsburgh’s powerbrokers in the church, arts, business, politics, non-profits, law, sports, philanthropy, health care, education and media. Nominations are welcome from individuals, businesses, professional/fraternal groups or neighborhood and community organizations. Nominations must be mailed or hand delivered to the New Pittsburgh Courier, Attn: 50 Women of Excellence, 315 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219; fax to 412-481-1360; or e-mail to webmaster@newpittsburghcourier.com by the close of business and must include one’s name, telephone number and, in 200 words or less, explain how the metro Pittsburgher of your choice has made a significant contribution in their field of expertise. For more information, e-mail savethedate_pgh@yahoo.com.


Forget crow’s feet, how you shop can reveal your age

I’m going to tell you a secret, but you have to keep it just between us: my macaroni and cheese is better than my mother’s. But she doesn’t know that, so sssh. Mom and her friends use Velveeta processed cheese to make their hot, bubbly, baked delight. My crew and I prefer real cheeses. According to my employer, The Nielsen Co., the keepers of all the buzz on consumer trends—including what you watch, buy, read, text and surf—mom’s and my differences extend way beyond processed versus real.