Speak Out…Are you going to vote in the Nov. 3 mayoral election?

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The general election is Nov. 3, which includes the Pittsburgh mayoral race. So we asked Pittsburghers if they was going to vote. Here’s what you said.

“Yes. I think it’s important. You want to have some say as to who gets elected.”
Mellril Hudson
Micro biotech

Mellril Hudson, Leslie Crawford, Quianna Wasler

“Yes. I vote in every election. It’s important to have your voice heard. All mayoral elections are important but I want to see that the present mayor has an opportunity to see his plans through. He’s done a lot of positive things for the city.”
Leslie Crawford
Morning Side

“Yes. To exercise my right to vote.”
Quianna Wasler
East Liberty

“No. I recently relocated, and not sure of where my polling station is. But I will look into voting at my old place.”
John “Carlos”

Yes. “It’s important as a Black person to have my voice heard.”
Greg Tot
North Side
Youth coordinator

“Yes. It’s your civic duty to vote.”
Alex Wilson
Fox Chapel



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