Morehouse implements stricter dress code

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(NNPA)—Morehouse College on Oct. 12 implemented a new, stricter dress code which will force the school’s historically Black all-male population to drastically change their wardrobes.

The change is part of Morehouse President Dr. Robert M. Franklin’s program, “Five Wells: Well-read, Well-spoken, Well-traveled, Well-dressed and Well-balanced.”

Robert M. Franklin

For the “well-dressed” portion of that creed, Franklin called on students to not wear do-rags outside of residence halls, sunglasses in class, jeans at major programs and pajamas outside of dorms and to not wear dental grills, women’s garb and sagging pants at all, according to

“Each student must promote and portray a positive image and properly represent themselves and the college,” Franklin said in a message to students. cited a Facebook discussion on the school’s dress code which claimed that Morehouse students have not been taken seriously by visitors due to their appearance.

“The feeling I’m getting from the younger alum…is that there are a significant number of students dressing like Miss Jay from ‘America’s Next Top Model’ or Lil’ Wayne all the time,” one commenter wrote on the website.

Morehouse isn’t alone—other Historically Black College and Universities have implemented stricter dress code policies in recent years.

Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College in Dallas also felt that students could not be taken seriously because of their attire and ordered a more stringent dress code, according to

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