Daily Archive: September 18, 2009


Stop the Violence Rally in 8th year

Eight years ago, in the aftermath of the tragic events of Sept. 11, Robert Thomas and his wife Cynthia staged the first Stop the Violence Rally. Since that time, the rally has served as a yearly reminder of the need for peace in the Hill District and throughout the world. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS —Robert Thomas welcomes the crowd to the rally and thanks the many contributors. “Whether it’s local or across the country, it’s violence,” Robert Thomas said. “That same year, here in Pittsburgh, we had the tragedy of 12 murders in a four-block area.”


Tea Party marchers Far Right and White

by Talibah Chikwen (NNPA) – People from across the county flowed into the west end of the National Mall, in front of the Capital Building, on Sept. 12 in a march organized by Freedomworks, Tea Party Express and several other groups. The goal of the march seemed to be determined by who was speaking at the time. Brenden Steinhauser, grassroots director of Freedomworks, a group headed by former Congressman Dick Armey, said the message of the march was, “Big government isn’t popular, whether it’s done by Republicans or Democrats. Demostrators holds up banners during the taxpayer rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington Sept. 12. Thousands of fiscal conservatives have packed streets in the nationís capital to protest what they consider the federal governmentís out-of-control spending.