Daily Archive: September 17, 2009


American guilty of statutory rape of Kenyan girls

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP)—A magistrate in Kenya has sentenced an American who founded a popular chain of coffee shops to 15 years in prison for the statutory rape of three teenage Kenyan girls. Principal Magistrate Teresia Ngugi says Jon Cardon Wagner paid two women $500 to bring the 13-year-old and two 14-year-olds to his house. A Nairobi court convicted and sentenced him Sept. 11.


Top South African communist chided over luxury car

JOHANNESBURG (AP)—South Africa’s top communist is in danger of losing his working-class hero status after treating himself to the latest BMW 750i and using $120,000 in taxpayers’ money to buy it. BLADE NZIMANDE Blade Nzimande, general secretary of the South African Communist Party and a cabinet member, is often seen wearing a Mao cap and is known for breaking into his favorite tune: “My mother was a kitchen girl, my father was a garden boy. That’s why I am a communist.”


As Obama gets his groove back, Black leaders launch grass roots campaign for health care

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NNPA)—The line is drawn. The Congressional Black Caucus has pledged to kill any House health care bill that doesn’t include a robust public option. Organizational members of the Black Leadership Forum are rolling out an array of grass roots campaigns in support of passing health care reform overall. CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED—NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous and Marc Morial, BLF chair and National Urban League president, have launched a grass roots campaign to push for health care. CBC Chair Barbara Lee, D-Calif., far left, says bill will likely fail without public option. “All of us combined, the organizations who make up the Black Leadership Forum, are going to begin a series of efforts across the nation—in our neighborhoods, in our churches, in our communities to pass comprehensive health care reform,” said National Urban League President Marc Morial, also chair of the 34-member BLF. “This effort is going to be far ranging. It’s not the kind of effort where we have a big sack of money to buy television commercials. But it is an effort that is going to appeal to people’s hearts and minds.”


NNPA chair pulls Black Press convention from South Carolina

LOS ANGELES (NNPA)—The NNPA, the Black Press of America, has announced that it will not hold its mid-winter conference in South Carolina scheduled for January 2010. The organization of more than 200 Black-owned newspapers is joining the NAACP economic boycott of the state that has been in effect since July 1999 when the South Carolina NAACP called for it as a protest of the Confederate flag—a symbol of racial hatred—atop the State House and inside the House and Senate chambers. The boycott, still in effect, calls on groups and individuals to avoid traveling to the state for business or pleasure and discourages residents from visiting South Carolina beaches or patronizing restaurants and motels. DANNY BAKEWELL SR.


Men sentenced for election night assaults on Blacks

(NNPA)—Four men who committed three hate crime assaults in response to President Barack Obama’s election victory have been sentenced by U.S. District Judge Carol B. Amon in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ralph Nicoletti, 19, was sentenced to 108 months in prison; Bryan Garaventa, 18, was sentenced to 60 months; Michael Contreras, 19, was sentenced to 55 months; and Brian Carranza, 21, was sentenced to 70 months. The sentencing was Sept. 11.



This Week in Black History

Week of September 17-23 September 17 1787—The United States Constitution is approved but it includes three clauses allowing for the continuation of slavery even though it was supposed to be a document of freedom. 1861—Hampton Institute (now a university) is founded. It has become one of the nation’s leading predominately Black educational institutions.


Guest editorial…Harvey Adams Jr. was a civil rights giant

Harvey Adams leaned over to me and said, “Young man, just keep watching them (politicians). That’s your job. Keep shining that light on them.” We were on the set of “Eddie’s Digest,” the news and public affairs show that was featured on channel 22 a few years ago. Harvey was a regular, and as a columnist I had just become one. I was the youngster on the show, and the other panelists—Harvey, Rod Doss, Earl Hord, Doris Carson Williams, Esther Bush, and host Eddie Edwards—were must-see TV. LOU RANSOM


Some companies continue to support Glenn Beck

(NNPA)—Evidently JosBanks doesn’t want African-Americans and other progressives to purchase clothes from their stores. TDAmeritrade apparently wants Blacks to buy and sell stocks, but from someone else. And those sun-drenched ads urging you to visit Sandals resorts in the Caribbean inexplicably don’t want Blacks to go to those hotels and spas on the largely Black islands. The Video Professor objects to African-Americans ordering his products. Even the people at The Scooter Store don’t want African-American seniors scooting around on their brand of scooters.



President Obama, we could always cook

As the president travels across this nation, and when he gets a break from the major problems that he is confronted with he does take time to eat. However, on every occasion it appears he is eating commercial food. I would hope that those around him remember that there are cooks whose food is absolutely delicious and nutritious. I know some will say, “With all the problems in America why should what and where the president eats be important?”