Daily Archive: September 10, 2009


Out & About at Red Lounge II

This week I visited the Red Lounge II in East Liberty, Matrix Night Club in Station Square, Questions Night Club in the Strip District, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Squirrel Hill and the Ava Lounge in East Liberty. My first stop was at the Red Lounge II where Kiki, formerly “The Midday Chick” of WAMO 106.7FM, celebrated with family and friends the fact that she landed a new gig as an on-air personality at WERQ 92Q FM in Baltimore, Md. She will be leaving us, but her heart and soul will always belong to Pittsburgh. Congratulations on a fresh start—you deserve it. Mike Logan (ESPN and Brotha Ash Productions), Kiki (WERQ 92Q FM of Baltimore, Md.), Anji (WPGC 95.5 FM of Washington, D.C.) and Emmai Alaquiva (Ya Momz House Recording Studio) at the Red Lounge II in East Liberty.


Event Group welcomes a familiar face

The Event Group has added Joy Maxberry Woodruff to their team as the event and political campaign coordinator, a position she already has tons of experience in. The Event Group is an event planning organization in the Pittsburgh area. “I am thrilled to be here and they seem thrilled to have me,” said Woodruff. “I’ve spoken with people about my new position and every time I tell them, they say that’s a perfect position for you. It really does seem like a good fit.” JOY MAXBERRY WOODRUFF Shelia Weiner, owner of the Event Group, agreed that Woodruff will be a good fit to the organization. “We are delighted to have Joy join the Event Group and I feel she will bring creativity and expertise (to the position),”she said.


Obama promotes ways to encourage savings

WASHINGTON (AP)—The recession has eaten into people’s nest eggs so the government is promoting ways to make it easier to save for retirement. One initiative that President Barack Obama outlined in his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday will allow people to have their federal tax refunds sent as savings bonds. Others are meant to require workers to take action to stay out of an employer-run savings program rather than having to take action to join it. PROMOTING WAYS TO SAVE— President Barack Obama arrives on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Sept. 7. “We know that automatic enrollment has made a big difference in participation rates by making it simpler for workers to save,” Obama said. “That’s why we’re going to expand it to more people.”



Adult peer pressure

As children we’re often encouraged to be leaders not followers. We’re discouraged from hanging with the wrong crowd and falling prey to the pitfalls and dangers of peer pressure. As children we want to feel a sense of belonging. We want to be accepted by our peers. We want to be part of the in crowd—the cool people. As a result, as children we engage in many things that we grow to regret as adults. Unfortunately, many adults are still dealing with the scars and wounds brought on by decisions made in their younger years. Decisions that were made for the sole purpose of winning the respect of people they thought were cool, hip and popular.



Learning to survive failure: The art of building success

(NNPA)—The key to survival for entrepreneurs lies in the ability to redirect failures and turn challenges into new opportunities. The art of building success is predicated on the basic qualities of innovation, knowledge and not being afraid to fail. The common weakness of many is their fear of pursuing lofty dreams. It is often through failure that people gain the most valuable skills towards building success. Whether you agree with his policy or not, it is a fact Barack Obama faced many extraordinary challenges on the path to becoming the first Black president of the United States.


Be cautious posting personal information on social network

I have friends who swear by online social and professional networks like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. Where else can you reconnect with long-lost former classmates, post vacation photos for friends around the world, share your resume with potential employers and perhaps even find love—all, without leaving your couch? Although the Internet has made reaching out easier than ever, whenever you share personal information, a few cautions are in order. With your kids preparing for a new school year, this might be a good time to have a quick Privacy 101 discussion. And, since people over 30 are the fastest-growing social networking demographic, parents might benefit as well.


Obama administration to aid minority-owned small business

(NNPA)—The Obama administration has announced efforts to increase access to contracting opportunities for minority-owned small businesses. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Small Business Administrator Karen Mills announced a government-wide plan that includes federal agency procurement officials holding or participating in more than 200 events over 90 days to share information on government contracting opportunities, including those available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Tools to help you decide when to retire

These days, everyone is taking a new look at their finances—and no one is looking more closely than the millions of baby boomers who are nearing retirement age. While some boomers expected to retire at one of the traditional milestones, such as age 62, the current economy is forcing many of them to re-evaluate their plans. Many are wondering if they should work longer, or how their Social Security benefit—or their spouse’s benefit—would be affected if they continued working.


Business Calendar

Record keeping SEPT. 10—The Saint Vincent College Small Business Development Center will host a “Record Keeping and Tax Requirements for Small Business” workshop from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at 300 Fraser Purchase Rd., Latrobe. Gary Breckly, of Gary W. Breckly and Associates, will lead this seminar on how one can learn how to avoid tax problems like back-taxes and penalties, and also the correct ways to manage one’s recordkeeping system. He will also discuss how to avoid mistakes many business owners make when preparing records, what type of records one will need to keep for taxes and auditing, recordkeeping requirements for compliance with Sales and Use Tax laws, and more. Business tax deductions, taxpayer services, taxpayer ID numbers, employee withholding, payroll tax requirements and withholding, sales tax responsibility and illustrations of good record keeping systems will also be discussed. The cost is $40 per person. For more information, call the Educational Programs Department at 724-537-4572 or e-mail sbdc@stvincent.edu.


Inside Conditions…Days gone by

Happy belated holidays everyone, but without further adieu, let’s cut to the chase. There have been many and I mean quite a few arguments and questions in reference to what Pittsburgh Steeler team qualifies as the greatest. Was it the “Mean” Joe Greene crew from the Studio 54 “psychedelic shack” disco era of the ’70s or is the Lil Wayne, PovertyNeck Hillbillies squad of the current millennium the best of all time? AUBREY BRUCE