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Cover to Cover…’God Ain’t Blind’

For better or worse, for richer or poorer… Have you ever said those words while standing with your beloved in front of a bunch of your friends and family? If you did, you undoubtedly meant them with all your heart, intending to love and be faithful to your beloved forever. But forever is a long time and some days, “worse” overtakes “better” and you feel poorer for what you promised.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday Jazz jamCJ’s Restaurant & Lounge presents “The Roger Humphries & RH Factor Jazz Jam Session” at 8 p.m. at 2901-2911 Penn Ave., Strip District. There will be live jazz and fun every Thursday night. Must be 30-years or older and there is a dress code that will be enforced. No tennis shoes, sweats or athletic gear. For more information, call 412-642-2377.


The future is now

Continuous confusing reports concerning the economy should not cause concern if you have your financial matters in order, says Andrea Russell of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. As the only female and African-American advanced financial adviser in the area, Russell is eager to assist people in feeling confident about their future. With seven years of experience as a senior financial consultant at PNC Investments and a year with Ameriprise, Russell identifies her goal as to educate people on what they can be doing at any stage of their life to become financially secure and to live comfortably. “There is more to the financial market than just investments,” says Russell aiming to change the thinking of her clients. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE— Ameriprise financial adviser Andrea Russell prepares to help a client organize for the future.



How to invest with confidence

You panic when there’s news of a down market. You assume that your investment portfolio is doing well when there’s news of a thriving economy. You may be one of those people that shy away from investing or you invest ultra-conservatively because you’re afraid that you’ll lose all your hard-earned money. You may be one of those people who hire an investment adviser and hope that the adviser is leading you in the right direction.



Entrepreneurs accelerate sales in exporting

(NNPA)—As business owners struggle to cope with stagnate markets at home, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are finding ways to expand revenues, growing sales from exports overseas. Recently, the U.S. economy contracted minus one percent for April to July 2009. Worldwide many countries less burdened by debt are already showing economic growth including China, Japan, Argentina, Germany, France, Brazil, Chile, Australia and Singapore.


Where is your 401(k)?

The past 12 months have been like a roller coaster ride through an economic horror show. On the downhill slope, we have seen brokerage and bank failures, a contentious presidential election, an $800 billion stimulus package and we hit the bottom in March when GM and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy. On the uphill slope, we have been teased by “glimmers of light,” heard screams about “cash for clunkers” and are in the middle of a brawl over health care reform.


‘Saving’ is the new ‘spending’

One small silver lining from the recent economic downturn is that people have begun saving again. For decades personal savings rates hovered around 10 percent of after-tax income, but beginning in the late 1980s, rates steadily declined. As the stock market soared, so did home values and 401(k) balances. Many people felt richer—at least on paper—and the lessons learned during the Great Depression about saving for hard times faded into distant memory.



Inside Conditions…Where the Buffalo roam

When I first learned that it was a possible Buffalo stampede headed towards Heinz Field, I immediately became concerned for the fans, players and anyone that might be in the path of a disaster waiting to happen. By all accounts, Pittsburgh was not equipped to handle such a scenario. What measures could be taken to prevent a catastrophe? If last Saturday’s “scrimmage” is any indication of things to come, I would suggest that the trainers of the Buffalo Bills circus, along with their recently spotted diva Terrell Owens, steer clear of the venue sitting on the banks of the Allegheny with its mustard colored seats. If they run through the Steel City too often they may end up on the endangered species list. AUBREY BRUCE


High school football returns…A preview of 2009 City/WPIAL season

Friday nights under the lights are back in western Pennsylvania. People will fill the stands in local high school football stadiums all over the region as this fall favorite re-appears. One team receiving national attention are the Indians of Penn Hills Senior High School. Pennsylvania Football News ranks them No. 10 in the state in class AAAA while they are No. 17 in the nation, according to rivals.com. SENIOR LEADERSHIP—Penn Hills captains Myles Davis, No. 6; Cullen Christian, No. 24; Aaron Donald, No. 59; and Brandon Ifill, No. 1, with head coach Ron Graham.


Midget Football Roundup…Hill District impressive

Series of the Week-Hill District (7-1) vs. Clairton (5-3) The Hill District youth football program have been nothing but impressive over the first three weeks of the 2009 season. In that time span, they’ve only suffered one loss. They continued that success as they swept second place Clairton 3-0-1. “All the hard work over the summer is showing on the field,” said Bo Turner, the Hill District’s ACMFL representative. “The coaches are also working hard and the kids are taking direction from them. This has added to our progress as a football program.” This is a game-by-game breakdown of what happened in this series: