Daily Archive: September 3, 2009


Spineless Democrats should borrow a page from Ted Kennedy

(NNPA)—Inasmuch as everyone is sharing stories about the thoughtfulness of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, I may as well add mine. While attending the national Democratic convention in Denver last August, I wrote a column about what he had to go through to attend the event. “It is remarkable that Kennedy appeared at the convention at all,” I wrote at the time. “After undergoing an operation for one of the most serious forms of brain cancer, he flew to Denver by chartered plane, checked into the University of Colorado Hospital on Sunday, the day before his scheduled speech. There, he had a painful encounter with kidney stones.



Silent, concerned voices must cry out again

For the last four or five weeks I have been gathering information that relates to alleged programs that in theory are designed to ensure that Blacks and women will share in the multimillion contracts being awarded almost daily. It is apparent that some governmental bodies and private corporations don’t care what the laws state when it comes to affording Blacks and women their fair share. In the next three weeks this column will reveal that the old saying, “statistics don’t LIE, but statisticians do,” is more relevant than ever.


Who will give voice to the voiceless?

(NNPA)—Senator Edward M. Kennedy was a voice for the voiceless. He was passionate about health care, about children, about education. He understood poverty and often spoke of it. The fact that he touched so many lives was evidenced by the thousands that lined the streets of Boston simply to watch his casket drive by, or the lines that snaked toward his gravesite at Arlington Cemetery just a day after he was buried. It begs a cliché to say that he will be missed. More importantly, who in the Senate will give voice to the voiceless?



Glenn Beck is my kind of revolutionary

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—I’m a Glenn Beck fan. I know that he’s become Fox News Channel’s most notorious gadfly, and that he accused Barack Obama of hating White people and regularly sheds tears on his television show, but that’s why I like him. America needs to hear voices like Glenn Beck, because if he weren’t on the air, he might do something really dangerous, like run for office, or actually create policy and that’s 100 times worse than anything he’s said on the air.


Swine flu estimates differ

Two leading government health care agencies recently presented differing opinions on the effects swine flu is likely to have this fall. One group believes it will lead to up to 90,000 deaths. The other thinks the number will be much lower. The confusion and different viewpoints aside, swine flu is a serious illness and we must work to control its spread. The President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology released a report that says that over 50 percent of the population will contract swine flu this season, with up to 1.8 million ending up in the hospital for treatment and up to 90,000 actually dying from the disease.



The real myth of health care

One of the more pernicious myths surrounding the debate over health care is the oft repeated claim that conservatives do not want reform. Nonsense! What we do not want is the warm bucket of snake oil currently being sold to the American people by this administration. Conservatives have long argued for the need to reduce mandated benefits, reduce the reliance on third party payers and get rid of public policies that hinder entrepreneurship and innovation. This is the kind of reform conservatives want—the right kind of reform.


Supreme Court’s surprise ruling

(NNPA)—Regardless of all the legal and moral arguments for and against the death penalty in America, there is one thing we all can agree on—no one should ever be put to death for a crime he or she did not commit. On Aug. 17, the United States Supreme Court in a 6-2 ruling upheld that principle by ordering a federal district court in Georgia to hold an evidentiary hearing in the case of Troy Anthony Davis. For 18 years, Davis has been challenging from death row what he and his many supporters claim is his wrongful conviction in the shooting death of off-duty Savannah police officer, Mark Allen MacPhail in August of 1989. There is no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime and since his conviction, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimony. Several of them have implicated the prosecution’s lead witness as the actual killer.


Teddy was a champion. Who’s left?

(NNPA)—When I started my academic career at Brandeis University just outside Boston, Ted Kennedy was in the Senate, but had established little fame. Twenty years later, I came back to Boston, or rather Cambridge, as a Fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard and then, Ted was becoming a legend for standing up to Ronald Reagan’s attempt to roll back the clock on the civil rights era. In those years I paid a great deal of attention to his leadership. His speeches on the floor of the Senate became the place where he trained his unbridled anger at those who would seek to block children’s health care legislation, or the minimum wage for the poor, or funding for Title 9 that supported female sports in school or discrimination against the elderly or those with physical handicaps. Yes, he did roar: pointing his finger at his adversaries, turning red as he pounded his lectern, generally raising hell as an unrepentant liberal. Who would do this today?


En Vogue closes Essence Music Festival

En Vogue was the closing act in a two hour, Aug. 30, TV One special that included the best of the Essence Music Festival held in New Orleans. The three day even featured some of the biggest names in Black music. To name a few; Beyonce, Al Green, Pattie LaBelle, Lionel Richie, Anita Baker, John Legend, MAZE, Maxwell, Salt & Papa, Charlie Wilson, Teena Marie, Jazmine Sullivan, EnVogue, Eric Benet, Ledisi, Robin Thicke, Ne-Yo, Sharon Jones, Solange, Janelle Monae, Rachael Saadig, Lalah Hathaway, Melanie Fiona, Sierra Leaon’s all star Reggae Band, and Blind Boys from Alabama. EN VOGUE


BeBe & CeCe release first CD in 15 years

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (PRNewswire)—B&C Records in conjunction with Malaco Records announced the upcoming release of “Still,” the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited new studio album from the platinum-selling chart-topping award-winning gospel duo of BeBe and CeCe Winans. “Still” will be available online and in stores Oct. 6. BEBE AND CECE WINANS