Daily Archive: August 21, 2009


Cook wins second Black media award

Journalist Brian Cook of the American Urban Radio Networks has won his second NABJ “Salute to Excellence Award” last weekend in Tampa Bay, Fla. Out of 80 award recipients, he was the only journalist from Pittsburgh to win “Salute to Excellence” honors. He won previously in 2007 at the Las Vegas convention.


Letter To The Editor…North Braddock said ‘enough is enough’

Dear Editor, After reading your article on Aug. 6, “When will community say enough is enough?” I wanted to let you know that North Braddock said, “enough is enough” a long time ago. Two years ago, a Neighborhood Watch program was developed by resident Alison Flora. This program is open to all who are interested and it has helped to stop drug deals and to let criminals know that we don’t want adverse activity in our neighborhoods.



Commentary…Obama and the extreme right

(NNPA)—I am hoping that you have been reading and watching the news. You may have come across stories about these right-wing mobs that have attempted to disrupt town hall meetings that Congresspeople have organized to discuss health care. There are some interesting things about these disruptions: they are virtually all White; they have completely mischaracterized the issue of health care and the proposals that President Obama is suggesting; they are openly and subtly racist; and they are angry and threatening to the point of being lunatic.The extreme political right, largely out of desperation, has decided it must take disruptive measures in order to derail the Obama administration. It is doing this through a combination of appeals to racial fears on the parts of Whites (particularly White men) along with tapping into the larger insecurity that nearly everyone is feeling in the context of the current economic crisis. On one level this should not be surprising since the extreme political right always emerges during times of crisis. What should concern us, however, is that this rabid political right does not disappear on its own. Their objective is power, and not simply the elimination of Obama and the Obama administration.


Commentary…Getting to the Netroots of the digital divide

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—Last week I packed up my things and headed off to Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, Pa. Most of you are thinking, what is “Netroots Nation” and are assuming it has something to do with hairnets or hair dye, but neither guess is correct. “Netroots Nation 09” is the fourth annual meeting of the political left’s largest most influential groups of bloggers, writers, and Web activists. All of the big names were there, from Moveon.org representatives to Actblue, and the political bigwigs made sure to put in an appearance with this group that was so instrumental in Democratic electoral success in 2008. Former president Bill Clinton spoke, as did recent Republican-turned- Democrat Arlen Specter and former DNC head Howard Dean. Of course all of that meant little to me at first since I had gone to Netroots Nation with a clear plan and story in mind.


Commentary…Michael Vick has paid his dues

(NNPA)—When it was announced that Michael Vick had been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, echoes of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” became popular again. Bigmouths on sports radio, proposed some new lyrics for the Eagles’ fight song: “Die, Fido, die…”


Commentary…AARP offers help for a healthier life

(NNPA)—Congress is engaged in an enormously important national debate on health care. But we all know our health is also shaped in discussions closer to home—around our kitchen tables and in our communities. So while AARP is working with the President and Congress to make sure all Americans have affordable, quality health care, we’re also working to make sure every person has the resources and the information to take care of his or her health.


The Way I See It…Passing the health care smell test

The narrative currently being written by the new left posits that opposition to their attempts to reform health care is fueled by political impotence, crackpot extremism and racism. Alas, elected officials demonstrating contempt for the people they represent has sadly become the rule rather than the exception. Calling the American people Nazis and fools may make a more compelling story than the truth, but it will not alter the fact that Americans simply do not want the expensive, top-heavy government health care boondoggle currently being stuffed down their throats.


Testing Obama’s fortitude

(NNPA)—It is time for testing on several fronts as the health care debate becomes the platform for a general uprising over President Barack Obama’s governing program. His very life is being tested, as people, like William Kostric, show up to a New Hampshire Town hall meeting with a gun strapped to his leg. In an interview with Kostric, he claimed his right under New Hampshire law, to carry a weapon openly, but he also had a sign with him carrying the words saying that “it is time to water the tree of liberty.”