Daily Archive: August 21, 2009


Midget Football roundup, week one is in the books

The Allegheny County Midget Football League kicked of its 2009 season Aug. 15. Out of the four defending champions of the ’08 season, only the Clairton Midgets were able to pull out a victory. Garfield, as an organization, looks like they’re primed for revenge as they were the runner-ups in two divisions (Termites and Mighty-Mites) in the last campaign. They were in a three-way tie for a league best three wins.


McNabb and Vick could play together

PHILADELPHIA (AP)—Donovan McNabb says he has no problem with Michael Vick taking some of his snaps and warns opponents that the two quarterbacks could be on the field together at times. Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles last week to add a different dimension to the team’s offense, not to push McNabb for a starting job. It’s likely that Vick, a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback in six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, will be used in a variation of the Wildcat formation.


Historical Black bank fading away

RICHMOND, Va. (NNPA)—Consolidated Bank & Trust Co., once enjoyed historical significance as the nation’s oldest Black-owned bank in continuous operation and for its founding by America’s first female bank president, Maggie L. Walker.


Mortgage delinquency rate hits all-time high in 2Q

NEW YORK (AP)—The delinquency rate on U.S. mortgage loans hit an all-time high in the second quarter, but the pace of growth for the rate slowed, a possible sign the mortgage crisis may be beginning to turn the corner. Data provided by credit reporting agency TransUnion shows the ratio of mortgage holders who are 60 days or more behind on their payments increased for the 10th straight quarter, to 5.81 percent nationwide for the three months ended June 30.



Carr Report…Should I take the job offering more money despite my feeling slighted?

I need some advice quickly! Last week I was offered a manager position within my former department. I am not sure if I should take it. They turned me down for this position the first time I applied for it. According to the interviewing manager, I was passed on this position the first time because they wanted someone with more supervisory experience and they thought that I needed to show more consistency with my attitude.


Walmart names Davis Sr. VP of finance

BENTONVILLE, Ark.—Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced the promotion of Jeffrey A. Davis to senior vice president of finance for Walmart U.S. store operations. Davis and his team will be responsible for supporting store operations through the initiation and application of financial and operational strategies. The team’s goal is to help enhance the Walmart shopping experience, improve efficiencies and reduce overall costs for the nearly 3,700 Walmart stores nationwide.


Money Matters…What is the good life?

In the early 1960s, crooner Tony Bennett popularized a song called “The Good Life.” It is a very harmonious ballad, but after researching the lyrics, I did not get any help in defining the good life. What is the good life? Is it wealth, fame or fortune? Unfortunately, if you have watched the recent news, it seems a number of the “rich and famous” end up in reputably tragic situations—-Michael Jackson, Steve McNair, Bernie Madoff.Perhaps the good life can be better described by our spirit, our relationships and our general well-being. Below are my thoughts on the good life, but I would be interested in hearing from you and getting your thoughts.


Oaks is ready for the BIG week

August 24 cannot come soon enough for Rochelle E. Oaks, Ph.D., as she prepares to participate in the 2009 Blacks In Government National Training Conference in Baltimore, Md. Viewing the chance to conduct eight workshops during the four-day convention as a great opportunity for her business, Oaks says excitement and anticipation is building day by day.


Lifestyles Report…High rolling

by Debbie Norrell DEBBIE NORRELL Pittsburgh finally has a casino,. It’s hard to believe. I had to be there on opening day just to give it the once over. I felt like I was in Vegas—well, almost. The place was packed. I found a slot machine to play and found that the machines only take five dollar bills. So if you head there with a wallet full of ones you’ll be out of luck. After I got over the $5 minimum I discovered most of the machines required you to select several lines to play. All of the machines were new and exciting but I didn’t see any of my old favorites that reminded me of Vegas, Atlantic City or the casinos in Detroit.